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 Wellness, appearance, hygiene – there are many good reasons for beard care. Daily care is not only beard protection, but also strengthens our face, because it cares for and nourishes the beard hair and the skin underneath. Leading hairdresser and businessman Klaus Macher explains in the gentleman blog what is important and what men should be careful about when choosing care products.

6 tips for a well-groomed beard

Tip 1: take care of your beard!

First of all, it is important to know your own beard and to respond to your own style. These include the length and thickness of the beard hair as well as the sensitivity of the skin.

Tip 2: brush and comb your beard regularly!

Brushing and combing is the basis of a well-groomed beard. It untangles the hair and keeps it in shape, the sebum is transferred from the skin to the ends of the hair and promotes blood circulation to the skin, which stimulates the growth of beards. In addition, it prevents skin irritation and improves the absorption of cleansers and care products.

Wild boar hairs of different lengths and distances are recommended. The closer the beard hair is, the softer the hair should be. But do not put too much pressure – you should feel comfortable, otherwise the skin will be irritated.

A comb is always used when the brush reaches its limit, which is especially true with very dense beards. A wooden comb, horn or charcoal is recommended for the hairstyle. A comb can also be very useful for styling.

Tip 3: Clean your beard properly!

But what is a good beard wash? For beard treatment, it is good to get the following routine and perform it two to three times a week: Soak the beard shampoo for a minute and then massage with beard oil. To do this, take four drops of the oil and comb it well in your hair. Beard oil should also be soaked for one minute before rinsing well. This type of cleanser has a emollient effect because the oil is better absorbed by the hair after shampooing. Your skin and hair on your beard will thank you for the intensive care!

Tip 4: use treatment oil!

Beard oils ensure that your beard hair remains soft, supple and supple and therefore looks optimally groomed. With this you make your beard suitable for kissing! Depending on their composition, skincare oils have the following effects:

They give moisture and make the beard hair look soft.

They give a calming or refreshing feeling.

They have an exfoliating effect.

They have healing properties and soothe irritated skin.

They have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity that promote circulation.

Tip 5: protect your beard!

Beard protection is a modern cleansing technique: The 3 in 1 effect contains the cleansing, care and effect of an aftershave. Beard protection is a cleansing serum with a disinfectant and antibacterial complex of active ingredients. This type of care is especially suitable in everyday life and in between, for example after using a mask, to remove bacteria and germs in the beard hair.

Tip 6: pay attention to the ingredients!

With beard care, the health and nourishing effect can usually be achieved only if the ingredients are of high quality and are pure natural products instead of synthetically produced oils. The more sensitive the skin and hair, the more important the natural ingredients are. With good oils there is no risk of the skin melting. This means that there are no irritations such as redness, pimples or other impurities.

Argan, sesame, eucalyptus, rosemary, jojoba, orange, lavender, almond or grape oil are often used as ingredients. Ingredients such as peppermint oil and rosemary oil not only offer a pleasant sensation due to their smell, but also have a disinfectant effect. Peppermint oil has antiseptic, rejuvenating and rejuvenating effect on cells. Rosemary oil is known for its antibacterial action and promotion of blood circulation. The juice of the aloe vera plant has antibacterial and immune-boosting effects – it also provides moisture and promotes wound healing.


After these 6 tips for good beard care, only one point remains open: styling. Which is better – pomade or paste? My advice from the experts: The paste is the best all-rounder. It can be used very well for almost any style. The pomade is especially suitable for fine hair. Gives volume and creates a natural look.

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