Tue. Sep 27th, 2022


SlimSocial is an open-source, free Facebook client without promotions that is chiefly centered on offering a lightweight option in contrast to the authority Facebook client. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t exactly arrive at the unimaginable limit of Facebook Lite (under 500 kilobytes), SlimSocial just takes up a simple 600 kilobytes.


Other than this unpretentious contrast in size, SlimSocial doesn’t offer a tremendous distinction when contrasted with the authority Facebook client. It allows you to do fundamentally all that you would with the authority Facebook application: post on your divider or a companion’s divider, take a gander at other clients’ photos, deal with your gatherings, and so forth.

SlimSocial is a decent Facebook client that, without bringing to the table an enormous number of highlights, actually ends up being an intriguing other option. The reasons: it occupies next to no room and, not at all like a greater part of other comparable applications, it doesn’t request extra consent (just admittance to pictures).


  • It is lightweight: it weighs under 200 Kb;
  • It has a straightforward, current plan: there is just what you want;
  • It is open source: the code of this application is online on GitHub, anybody can confirm the credibility of the application and add to its turn of events.
  • It is free and without advertisements;
  • it isn’t nosy;
  • It regards your security: this application doesn’t need exceptional licenses. Without agreement Facebook can not get any information about your cell phone;

SlimSocial continues to refresh!!

  • Fixed Messenger
  • New design
  • Fixed download bug
  • Eliminated unused settings


  • Fixed dark subject
  • Decreased the size
  • Added a method for giving in-application
  • Further developed help to the courier
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added security divulgence

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