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Continuously On Edge is a customization instrument for Android that permits clients to enact the LEDs on the edges of their screen to give notices or just to beautify their screen when it’s switched off.

How Always On Edge works is basic:

From the application settings menu, you decide the kind of lighting you need to set up for the side of the screen: if you believe that the light should be fixed, assuming you believe it should move around the screen, assuming that you believe it should flicker. Additionally, you can enact and deactivate the drove that normally illuminates as a matter of course with the warnings, or make it sparkle in another way. You can likewise set it up with the goal that main the region of the screen around the camera illuminates.

To wrap things up, you can likewise turn on the LEDs for a particular variety you’re searching for to make slopes with up to three tones. Those tones light up the external line of your screen. To put it plainly, you can design your LEDs to do anything.

Continuously On Edge is an intriguing customization apparatus that rapidly depletes your battery. However, everything will work out assuming you are hoping to add a flair to your Android.

Step by step instructions to Download the Always-on Edge App

  1. Open Google, and most importantly, Play Store on your gadget
  2. Tap on the search bar and Find Always on Edge
  3. Select This Application and introduce it on your telephone
  4. You can download it from here


Instructions to Use Always on Edge Application

  • After introducing it, Go to Phone Settings App
  • Look down and tap Apps
  • Go to Manage applications
  • Track down Always on Edge
  • Tap to open this application setting and Enable Autostart Permissions
  • Presently, Go back to the landing page and open the Always-on Edge application
  • Then, Agree on all security strategy terms and conditions
  • If you want to allow some to run the application, generally the application won’t work regardless of whether it is introduced. So cautiously empower all essential consent.

A. Primary Settings

a) Tap on Required Permission

  • Empower Independent lighting regulator > Downloaded applications > Always on Edge – Independent lighting regulator > Turn On
  • Empower Notification Access > Enable > Find Always on Edge and Allow Notification Access
  • Empower Show Over Other Apps > Find Always on Edge and Allow Display Over Other Apps
  • Empower Phone state > Allow
  • Empower Change System Settings > Allow Modifying System Settings

Next Tap on Save Button > Free Watch 15s Video Ad and Save this setting.

B. Application Settings

a) Go to When to Turn On Edge Lighting

  • Turn On Notifications lighting > Also Enable Reminder, While Screen is Off, Repeat Lighting for 8 Sec Every 15-sec Features
  • Then, at that point, look down and Turn on Charge Lighting (whenever required for charging time)
  • Next, look down and tap on the Save button.

C. Lighting Settings

a) Open Enable Notch Support

  • Pick score support > Adjust Manually
  • Select indent type > O
  • Indent Width > 56
  • Indent Hight > 42
  • Bend Radias > 17
  • Top settings > Choose Center (assuming that the score is in the focal point of your telephone). Esteem set between 30 to 35

b) Scroll down and Open Edges Style Tab

Pick the edge style of your choice from here. On the off chance that you need to save power, select “stable”.

c) Scroll down and open Edge Color Amount

There are many tones accessible here like Rainbow, Color Spectrum, One Color, Two Colors, and Three Colors. You can pick anyone you like.

Folks, all settings are finished. Presently look down and save all changes settings by a tap on the Save buttons.

At the point when a warning comes to your telephone, you will see such a lovely light around the indent.


Edge lighting

  • lighting impacts for various significant occasions, for example, gadget charging, continuous or active calls, playing music, screen backdrop, and numerous different occasions.
  • as noticed lighting, this additionally can associate with all screen or around the front camera or both with numerous other lighting place choices like drove style with an assortment of liveliness.

Warnings drove light

  • It very well may be tweaked to work in a profoundly adaptable manner inside framework generally in plain view or freely, or even both like tap to light element.
  • You can tweak lighting tone and style, particularly for each application and for each contact or record name.
  • Lighting position and style can be separated between screen states, for instance, it tends to be set to light around the camera opening while the screen is close by entire screen edges while the screen is off.
  • with a block, rundown to keep it from lighting to notices from a specific individual.
  • Interestingly, it can disregard all notices of an application except those from one individual you care about so it will light just for it.


  • It likewise has more extra helpful elements like Reminder which will continue lighting at regular intervals alongside an adaptable sound caution and everything is discretionary.
  • moreover, you can pick when the application ought to quit lighting and how the application manages to get various warnings like blender choice which will repeat all ongoing notices tones.
  • Furthermore, it has numerous choices to limit its work like forestalling the application from lighting if the gadget is charging, or battery is low, or at rest time with more definite control decisions.
  • Lighting splendor can be changed no matter what the lighting strategy, on top of that you can set high brilliance for lights and low splendor for different gadgets like timekeepers and notices symbols.

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