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At any point can’t help thinking about why so many stargazing applications are so difficult to utilize? We do indeed. So we made Sky Map straightforward and natural enough for anybody to appreciate. The UI is wonderful and clear, the controls are not difficult to utilize and most settings are only a tap or two away. Sky Map shows you a large number of the most brilliant stars, the Moon, planets, heavenly bodies, and meteor showers and that’s just the beginning. What’s more, it’s easy.

Sky Map

Sky Map application works similarly to Pocket Universe, however for Android clients. It gives a point-by-point, explained window into the night sky, the Time Travel choice allows you to see the sky as it searched previously and what’s in store.

Sky Map is the precise very thing it seems like. It’s a straightforward guide to the sky. Sky Map is straightforward, and dependable, and is intended for cosmology fans that simply need a basic manual for the night sky. You can choose and deselect the classifications of items you need to be shown on the guide. The live view can be set to program, which moves as you move your gadget, or manual, which requires the client to explore it.


From the outset, the application appears to be a fundamental intelligent starmap. You can flick through space, checking out your #1 stars and including overlays of heavenly bodies. In any case, the application likewise houses undeniably more great usefulness. By taking advantage of the telephone’s compass and accelerometer, SkyMap can act as a virtual viewfinder for space – simply point the telephone toward any path overhead, and the application will let you know which stars you’re checking out.

In the event that there’s a particular group of stars you’re searching for you can look through the application’s data set, and SkyMap will assist you with tracking down its overhead, utilizing a natural bolt framework to let you know which course to turn. At the point when you draw near, a circle will a show up on the screen encompassing the stars that make up the heavenly body. It’s actually a stargazer’s little glimpse of heaven.

Sky Map is a cosmology application allowing clients the opportunity to investigate space with cell phones. Children can see stars, heavenly bodies, cosmic systems, planets, meteor showers, and Messier articles in customary or unique night mode, which changes all text and lines to red for simple review.

The Hubble display hits you with cosmic pictures effortlessly found – – alongside some other item – – through a straightforward ring-and-bolt direction strategy.

Free Features:

Live Tracking.

Just guide your gadget to the fates and the sky map falls into perfect order itself naturally, showing you the piece of the sky at which you are looking. In the event that your gadget has a compass, Sky Map utilizes it consequently. If not, you can perceive Sky Map where the North is, and it adjusts the sky map likewise.

Live Earth Map.

Immediately hop starting with one city and then onto the next by tapping on a guide that shows the Earth’s day in and day out limit progressively. Assuming you permit it, Sky Map can recognize your ongoing area naturally. You can likewise make custom review areas in short order.

Quick Forward and Rewind.

Speed up or switch time to comprehend how stars and planets seem to move overhead over a more extended timeframe.

Lovely Constellation Images.

We put a gigantic measure of work into making lovely heavenly body pictures motivated by old-fashioned etchings and adjusting them unequivocally with the stars.


Share previews of the sky map with your companions at the tap of a button.


Fast Help.

Would it be a good idea for you to have any inquiries while utilizing Sky Map, a succinct, outlined client guide will assist with noting them rapidly.

Intuitive Search.

Essentially type in a hunt field, pick an item from a rundown of matches, then guide your gadget to the sky. A bolt shows up and guides you until you are directing your gadget to the item you chose. In the event that the article isn’t yet apparent overhead, its next ascent time is shown.

Sky Events.

Sky Map shows a rundown of current sky occasions, for example, meteor showers, and obscurations and that’s just the beginning and assists you with rapidly finding them overhead.

Night Vision.

Sky Map’s night vision mode limits the loss of dim transformation. What’s more, we exceeded everyone’s expectations to make it look perfect in cyan, orange or red.

Additional Information.

Tooltips and a data board show insights regarding stars, planets, the Moon, and meteor showers, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Personalization Options.

Customize your sky map by turning different aides and showing choices on or off.

If you want to see how to use sky map please click on the below link to watch the video

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