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Getting exhausted of the natural home screen arrangement you’ve been shaking since the time you got your telephone? The magnificence of Android lies in the sheer customization potential on offer. From essentials like backdrops and custom symbols to changing out the whole look and feel of the telephone, there’s a ton you can do to clean up your handset.

The capacity to make a telephone look unequivocally the way that you need has brought forth a whole flood of utilities and home screen substitution launchers. Nova Launcher is one such application that allows you to get a close stock look with a list of capabilities that could humiliate the most powerful of stock launchers.

What is Nova Launcher, and why use it?

Nova Launcher is a strong, adjustable, and flexible home screen substitution. Nova carries progressed elements to improve your home screens, yet stays an incredible, easy-to-use decision for everybody. Whether you need to update your home screens or are searching for a cleaner, quicker home launcher, Nova is the response.

Why is Nova Launcher special?

Nova Launcher showing the home screen format matrix

Throughout the long term, many elements from Nova Launcher have been cribbed by contending choices, yet the launcher has a few stunts at its disposal. As a long-lasting Nova Launcher client, the most perceptible improvement while utilizing it is the sheer speed advantage it frequently presents over OEM skins. The home screen substitution is incredibly very much upgraded and will allow you to change movement paces or even eliminate them through and through to make the client experience as showy or as quick as you need.


Nova Launcher gives you granular command over framework and symbol sizes and, surprisingly, the number of symbols you can put on the dock. So assuming you extravagant a full-page loaded down with symbols for all your most loved applications, that is conceivable. On the other hand, assuming you are setting up a telephone for an old client, you can increment symbol estimates and have them top off the landing page.

On the elements side of things, the speedy inquiry include stands apart for its usability and execution. Tap the committed gadget or the pursuit bar in the application cabinet to rapidly look for any introduced applications. You could appoint a signal to open up the pursuit bar on the Home Screen itself.

Different highlights you ought to be aware of:

  • The Newest Features: Nova brings the most recent Android launcher elements to any remaining telephones.
  • Custom Icon Themes: Nova upholds the huge number of symbol topics accessible in the Play Store.
  • Night Mode and Dark Theme: Have night mode come on consequently at a particular time, or simply leave it on for a dull topic.
  • Adaptable App Drawer: Vertical or level parchment, page impacts, and card or vivid choices are only a couple of the things you’ll see as accessible for the application cabinet.
  • Subgrid Positioning: With the capacity to snap symbols and in the middle between framework cells, it’s not difficult to get an exact vibe and design with Nova that is incomprehensible with most different launchers.
  • Reinforcement and Restore: Moving from one telephone to another or attempting new home screen arrangements is a snap thanks to Nova’s reinforcement and reestablishing include. Reinforcements can be put away locally or saved to the cloud for simple exchanges.
  • Speed: Nova is exceptionally improved, with smooth and smart movements that will significantly more seasoned telephones a quick and liquid feel.
  • One of the highlights that stick out and affect Nova Launcher is its exceptional realistic quality. Indeed, even the basic activity of sliding your finger to switch work areas shows an intricate change in three aspects.

Accomplish more with Nova Launcher Prime:

Open Nova Launcher’s maximum capacity with Nova Launcher Prime:

  • Signals: Swipe, squeeze, twofold tap, and incline further toward the home screen to execute customer orders.
  • Application Drawer Groups: Create custom tabs or envelopes in the application cabinet for a super coordinated feel.
  • Custom Icon Swipe Gestures: Assign swipe motions to home screen symbols or organizers for custom activities.

Nova Launcher additionally offers its adaptation of Night mode, which changes the foundation shade of envelopes, the application cabinet, the inquiry window, and different components to a hazier tone for a superior encounter while utilizing the telephone around evening time.


This application involves the Device Administrator’s authorization for discretionary screen off/lock usefulness.

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