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Do you still know? In one of my last posts I looked at the question of whether you can make a bulk purchase at denn’s with a budget of 70 euros. The challenge was so successful, mainly due to the price range of the organic market. This is a range that includes about 200 daily products at an affordable price. These are intended to facilitate the gradual conversion to organic. The products offered, such as milk, coffee, yogurt or cookies, are identified by the orange marks.

But how well-known is the range among organic market customers? 

To find out, I did a little on-site customer research. In today’s series of photos I present to you the people with humor who answered my questions. Thank you very much everyone who took part!

“No, I do not know. My wife is shopping for us,” this good man replies. “I complete the traditional division of labor, but I am immediately taught differently. stress gets out of control again, just take a break from work together.A romantic idea, right?

“Price advice? I play for years. But I have never won anything! ” This young man is joking in front of the entrance. But then he adds, more seriously, that he knows very well what the range of tips is. He also likes to use the product range. With a smile, however, he mutters something for good and cheap as he goes…. 

Are there any clowns he always eats for breakfast?

So far, this couple is doing well without a bunch of pricing tips. “Of course we take advantage of offers when it suits us,” the young woman reveals to me. But that is not their main concern. Her husband adds that they both believe that other criteria are more important. Good quality or freshness are their priorities when shopping.

“Yes, but only for two weeks,” says one likeable student. “I recently complained to a friend that there were no offers for us students in the organic market. And then he learned better! ” Since then, the young woman also paid attention to the orange marks in her shopping. Well, dear readers: If you want to please students, you might want to tell them about the range of offers.

This couple enters into a happy dialogue when I ask about the range of price tips. He: “Yes, we use it mainly for basic services. So if we want butter, milk or flour. How… How often do we eat flour? She (laughing): “We could really do it again!” Before proceeding, an employee helps repair the zipper on the little boy’s jacket. Nice meeting!

I could not even know the price range: 

“I’m from Schwäbisch Gmünd, unfortunately there is nothing about it,” the friendly gentleman tells me. I’m surprised that there are still places where the supermarket is not represented. “But I also buy organic food there. 95 percent in the same. That’s why I got used to the price level. “I am also someone who goes out of business with two full carts at Christmas and then rejoices in the many high quality groceries.” Instead of low prices, he would like more transparency and more easily accessible background information anyway.

“No! I’m just bringing things!”

 This truck driver laughs here. He grabbed a quick coffee on the way out. He proudly says he has been in the business for over 23 years. At this point I would like to express my sincere thanks to truck drivers around the world. , I respectfully take off your hat!

Very shy about a photo, but still willing to communicate were of course some other clients. Among them, for example, an old man with a crutch, who told me that his job was only to call shopping for his wife, which he then conscientiously did with his only free hand. Or a group of three women, three generations, who told me that they did not care about price, but about freshness, quality and justice. And this I can tell you in conclusion: For most of the customers surveyed, the price of a product was the least important factor. For the majority, quality was the top priority.

That is why I wish you a rich table in the new year full of freshness, quality and charity. Enjoy it and happy new year!

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