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Considering how to incapacitate the touchscreen on Android or iPhone? This is the way to freeze your telephone screen to forestall unplanned taps.

As show advances improve, so has touchscreen responsiveness. Be that as it may, touchscreen shows are inclined to unplanned taps. Since practically all cell phones currently utilize a touchscreen rather than actual keys, senior residents and children could end up causing unplanned data sources frequently.

Lock the touch screen while messing around, with recordings, and music. A deeply grounded application for forestalling coincidental activity was constantly created starting around 2013. Rich customization, free, no advertisements.


Touch Protector:

Touch Protector is unique concerning standard screen lock applications. If it’s not too much trouble, watch the video underneath to look at it.
To get everything rolling with this Touch Lock application, you’ll have to concede the application certain consents and afterward will be incited to set a pin.

To utilize the Touch Lock application, send off the application and afterward tap Start Service. You’ll see that the application symbol shows up in your warning bar. Then, go to the application you need to utilize, and when you’re prepared to lock the screen, pull down the warning bar and tap Lock Touch. Your telephone screen will currently be crippled.

How can it function?

  1. Access the application and actuate the locking capacity.
  2. Enter the application that you will use, for instance, a video player.
  3. When you need to lock the touch screen, access the warning bar and push on the screen lock notice.
  4. Done! You as of now have the screen locked. To open it, simply press two times on the orange open button that you will find in the upper right.

A few thoughts on the advantages and uses of this Touch Protector application:

  • Convey your cell phone in your pocket while it’s on, playing content without agonizing over coincidentally Touching the screen
  • View recordings without interferences or worries about Touching the screen
  • Abstain from settling on unintentional decisions by locking the screen


  • All out lock of the buttons and keys on the screen
  • Secure video calls: Your call won’t be intruded on by a coincidental snap
  • Keep away from baby taps on your telephone

Helpful Use Cases

Touch Protector is a basic application that impairs Touch screen and actual button tasks, however, it has numerous helpful purposes.

While strolling while at the same time taking a gander at a guide application, the guide doesn’t move regardless of whether you Touch the screen.

  • Locking the camera during video recording permits you to appreciate different camera work without stressing over unplanned activity.
  • While involving your telephone as a route framework for bikes, you can forestall unplanned activity because of raindrops.
  • While following a shown picture, you can lock it and put a piece of paper on it.
  • At the point when you show a photograph to somebody, you can lock it and give it to them to keep them from seeing the other photographs and so on.

Why You Might Lock Your Touchscreen

Inadvertently communicating with your telephone is disappointing. It’s likewise something that happens to everybody now and again. Models include:

  • While watching a video, an incidental touch stops or exits
  • While you’re paying attention to music, the track stops or skips
  • Upsetting the GPS show when your telephone is mounted on the dashboard for a guide directed venture
  • Kids playing with telephone settings as opposed to watching a video or playing a game
  • It is stopped or halted to Record video
  • Phantom touch issues

These last two focuses are worth further investigation.


A few telephones have been tormented by phantom touch issues previously. This is a touchscreen issue wherein the screen answers Touchs you’re not making. Such issues can make your cell phone experience very irritating.

In the event that you have other fascinating ways of utilizing it, I would see the value in it in the event that you could keep in touch with them in the remarks.

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