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Attractiveness is influenced more by external or internal values ​​and what role does intelligence play in it? The gentleman blog explains what factors affect attractiveness and what is the difference in beauty.

What makes a man attractive

The attractive man is known to be urban, well-dressed without blindly following any fashion trends and has a style that makes him recognizable. He looks mature and yet youthful and dynamic, something that is due to his full hair and his flawless teeth. Charming and eloquent, he can maneuver through conversations on any occasion, but he also knows when it is best to be silent. He is neither too fat nor too thin and his self-confidence is neither too much nor too low. At first glance it exudes a certain security. He also knows how to move on the international stage. That’s why he is not afraid to get in touch with strangers, learn a new language and apply them yourself.

Do you recognize yourself 100 percent in this? No? No problem, because like beauty, attractiveness is subjective, purely a matter of opinion and taste. Therefore we can not be equally attractive to everyone.

The difference between attractiveness and beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People enjoy it. This applies to art, to cars but also to people. We meet people and think they are beautiful right away. However, life has taught that beauty is not everything.

Instead. In fact, beauty can be very frustrating when we find that something has nothing to offer but good looks. The most elegant car is useless if it drives only 40 km / h. And a beautifully designed but dripping coffee maker cancels itself out and the beautiful people who teach us how to shudder as soon as they open their mouths suddenly lose their appeal. Therefore, we pay attention to other characteristics to find out how attractive someone is to us.

Attractive at a second glance

Beauty is judged at first glance, attractiveness often only at second or third glance. Very few can be completely detached from the ideal of beauty when judging people, but in the end the attitude towards others is more decisive.

Thus, attractiveness involves much more than appearance. So the term applies to very different things. For example, we are also talking about the attractive location of a property, an attractive city center or attractive terms for a loan agreement. A person can also be attractive in the job market.

Attractiveness also plays a big role in choosing friends. Usually we choose these to harmonize and where we have the feeling that they understand us. Friends are often on the same wavelength. The adage “Opposites attract” is often used, but in fact the following is much more common: “People of the same kind stay together” ”

The most beautiful (no) automatically makes it more attractive

If you want to increase your attractiveness, you can of course start with your appearance and dress. But this will probably not work if one is more of a jeans type and feels lost in a tailored suit. The solution is not to get dressed, but to find an attractive outfit that suits you.

Whether a beard looks good, muscle mass is attractive and anything else that makes it more attractive is very individual. Your eye is not always the best advisor. With an image tip you can work on external attractiveness.

The criteria for evaluating the attractiveness of our fellow human beings are varied and are based on the individual characteristics, desires and needs of each individual. In relation to others, this may be, for example, gift, knowledge or certain talents.

Attractiveness without beauty

Yes, there is attractiveness without beauty. Values ​​such as money or social status also make men and women attractive to other people who are receptive to them.

But it does not always have to be that big. Even everyday things can make someone attractive to us: Reliability, helpfulness, respect and tolerance are in the long run more important and more attractive in human relationships than pure beauty. There is an opportunity for every person: Everyone has the opportunity to positively influence their attractiveness regardless of their appearance through their behavior.

How attractive is knowledge power

The intellect also has a great influence on attractiveness, because it has a strong effect on communication with others. Discussions about the weather and talking about the excess require a certain depth. We can work for our attractiveness by gaining extensive general education or specialized special knowledge and

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