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 Expert advice is great, do not make corsets out of it. Leave perfection to the fictional characters and instead listen to your instinct more often on the road to becoming a master. It combines daily life with this pinch of unpredictable importance that is necessary for the development of a personal style. Above all, however, it ensures that the joy of life is not stifled by a tie knot that is tied too tightly.

Playing with style

In our world of counselors, it is no wonder that the dusting of the term “lord” has resulted in a flood of good – or at least well-intentioned – advice, tricks, deeds and not. Most of them revolve around the perfect look and outfit, faithful to the motto: “Where the front is right, the interior functions will fit.” Unfortunately, this approach is as realistic as it is erroneous, because if the form has to obey rigid rules, the content stays on the line. So push the impossible ideals from the podium and rediscover, step by step, the joy of playing with style.

Step 1: Whistle (at least occasionally) the dress code.

Brown shoes with a black belt? Attack! With the Hawaiian shirt on the in-laws? A scandal! But are such fashion sins really as bad as they make us believe? Hardly, in the end, our culture survived even the aesthetically marginal 1980s largely unscathed. In addition, most people have better things to do in their daily lives than finding style notes for their fellow human beings. When choosing your wardrobe, dare to experiment from time to time – swimming a few movements against the current is fun and strengthens your character.

Step 2: Put an end to professional ethics.

Now that you no longer have to fear stylistic faux pas, you should give this right to others. In particular, this means that you should quickly stop judging others just for their appearance. Who knows, maybe the old hippie in the next seat has also read this article and is really your new boss? Or maybe he’s just a bum who was less fortunate than you in his life. But this does not matter much, because everyone deserves a minimum of respect.

Step 3: Clear your table rules.

What if left-handed people hold a fork in their right hand or drink red wine from white wine glasses? Quite simply: nothing. Polar ice is not moving, nor is it raining fire from the sky. Because such and similar rules come from a time when the best society had nothing better to do than to find more and more irrational rules that had to be followed to belong. Today we are fortunate to live in a world that is quite complex as it is. That is why you can part with these old braids with a clear conscience and thus greatly simplify your life and the lives of others.

Step 4: Do not be afraid of rules of conduct.

Not only did our ancestors spread their traps on the table, but the social floor is full of them. How do you greet the hosts? How do you present yourself and to whom? What are you talking about and what is taboo? If you’re not mistaken here, you’re either a natural or a cast. Most normal mortals, however, have no choice but to rely on common sense and address their own weaknesses with charm and humor. There is no guarantee of success for this. But at least a good kick guarantees that your performance will not be forgotten. And that’s exactly the point in such cases.

Step 5: Make your own rules.

The tips in this article are written according to our best knowledge and beliefs. However, they respond to the author’s subjective way of thinking and acting and should therefore – like all good or well-intentioned advice – be reflected, challenged, adapted to your own needs and capabilities and, if necessary, simply ignored. Because the most important opinion is always the one you form about yourself. And now I wish you good fun and success.

The writer

The Swiss bohemian Lido Ganarin with Italian roots works as a Creative Director in Bern and blogs about things that make the world a lovable and sustainable place.

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