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 Dr. ιατρ. Martin Ihle operates a tattoo removal practice in Berlin. In an interview with the Gentleman Blog, he talks about the reasons for the removal, what options there are and why men come to his office less often than women.

Dr. So, what are the most common reasons why people want to get a tattoo removed?

The reasons are quite different: They are often aesthetic aspects, people just do not like it anymore because their fashion and personal taste have changed over the years. Sometimes the tattoo is removed only in part because someone wants to do a cover tattoo, meaning the existing tattoo needs to be painted. In addition, people who work in a conservative professional environment often come to my office, where a visible tattoo could be an obstacle to one’s career. And of course there are times when someone no longer wants the name or photo of their ex-partner on their skin. Tattoo removal is often the last resort here, especially if coverage is not possible or desirable.

What percentage of people would like to have a tattoo removed?

About 12 percent of the German population now has tattoos. Of these, about 5% are so unhappy with a tattoo that they would like to have it removed. By extension in Germany, that is half a million people. Most are between 25 and 35 years old and women are more than men. Men are more likely to admit their youthful sins, even if they did not get a tattoo again today.

How does tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal is common. A tattoo is made up of colored particles that are so large that they cannot be carried away by the body. These pigments can be laser decomposed and thus reduced in size, so that the body can then decompose them through its lymphatic system. Depending on the laser and the procedure, this must be repeated differently.

How many sessions does it take for the tattoo to be no longer visible?

There is a Kirby-Desai-Calculatur calculator, with which one can easily calculate the estimated number of necessary treatments based on six variables. The most important variables are the size, colors and age of the tattoo and where it is located on the body. Old, faded tattoos are easier to remove than fresh tattoos, black tattoos are easier to remove than colored tattoos, and removal of the arm or leg takes longer than a tattoo on the trunk.

On average, eight to twelve sessions are required, each lasting only 5 to 20 minutes. However, there should be a break of about six weeks between treatments, during which the body breaks down the dissolved parts of the pigment. Therefore, removing a tattoo can usually take more than a year. It just takes time to remove.

A tip: With visible tattoos, it is best to start the treatment in the fall, because the skin is then less irritated by the lower sunlight.

How does the skin react to the laser?

The power of the laser is adjusted so that there are no injuries to the skin. However, a spontaneous skin reaction inevitably occurs, which is caused by heat when the laser pulse hits the water on the skin. This so-called white color disappears again within 20 minutes.

How Painful Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Pain is similar to tattooing. After each laser treatment, the skin should become a cream with a care ointment and sunscreen lotion with a high index of sun protection to protect the skin and promote the healing process. Overall, laser treatment is a relatively benign procedure compared to the other options. It leaves no marks or other damage.

What other alternatives are there for tattoo removal?

Every patient should be aware that there is no really gentle method of tattoo removal. All of these require remarkable interventions, but the variations of laser treatment are sometimes really creepy. For example, there is a lactic acid process that not only causes bad scars but also does not work properly. Another possibility is to remove the tattoo during an operation, in which the affected layer of skin is rubbed or cut off from the skin. It is faster, but it also leaves marks.

A completely different way of removing the tattoo on the hand is with the “sleeve”. Here the tattoo is dyed by simply making the whole arm black, a kind of cover for hard-core people. I strongly advise you not to do this, because the dye also causes a lot of poison to enter the body and the lymph nodes suffer

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