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 While the Lady of the World has probably had her Christmas presents with her since August, some gentlemen only remember when the rattles and streams everywhere that their contribution is required to turn the presents into happy ones. Whether for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion: make gifts in style! The blog gentleman tells you how to get the right gift in a targeted way.

Thought counts

Could there be a nicer custom at the end of the year than to say “thank you” with a gift to those who have accompanied us in life for the last twelve months? Hardly possible. Thought matters more than value and size. Do not crease, do not skimp, but rather shine with creativity and style, that is the faith.

At a roundabout to the top

The key to a successful bid is very simple (and applies to many other situations in everyday life): Do it from the heart and take your time. If you go shopping without stress, you will discover the hidden diamonds away from the main shopping streets. In the alleys are created things with history and character that are rightly considered the top category of gifts. If you know your loved ones well and you are elegant enough to choose the right one for everyone, your gifts will be fondly remembered for years to come.

If you search on google, you will find

Searching the internet may be less atmospheric, but it is just as satisfying. Countless local studios and workshops offer beautiful, practical and unusual items for sale around the clock at any price range and for every taste. When placing your order, however, keep in mind that delivery by post can take a few days longer, especially before Christmas. Buying clothes, shoes and similar items is also not without problems, as you have to rely on the size information provided by the manufacturer and a potentially necessary exchange can lead to complications.

Can mass be order?

Of course, big department stores and chain stores also offer a huge range of more or less tasteful gift ideas every year. They are often already in a Christmas gift box with a silver loop and thus entice the particularly lazy moderns to buy. Preferably many times, giving everyone the same thing is undoubtedly very easy and saves time. Unfortunately, this is also as personal as the mandatory greeting card from the insurance company and thus guarantees the wrong way.

I see what you like to see

But how can you really catch the right gift for a particular person from the unbridled flow of goods? Quite simply trying to see the world for a moment through the eyes of the recipient. If Aunt K├Ąthe were here now, would she be more interested in the curved porcelain bar of soap or the funny cactus-shaped toilet brush? Even! You will see: empathy creates sympathy and also sharpens common sense. A real benefit for all involved.

What would Chuck Norris do?

Of course, you can also simply ask the people around you what they want for Christmas. However, such an approach is both fascinating and reckless. First, you put the other person under pressure, because not everyone finds it easy to make a wish (and those who find it easy may not get the idea from the beginning). Then you are under pressure to act on your own, because now the desires want to be fulfilled. Christmas shopping degenerates into a simple affair in which a list is plowed. There is little room for divergence and interpretation. Almost as small as the surprise in unpacking – the sad ending of the Christmas shopping prank.

No more fun

All readers who have already successfully completed their adolescence are explicitly warned about the so-called “original gift ideas”. Very often their originality is exhausted in the consistent ignorance of any minimum aesthetic and quality requirements. In case of doubt, it is better to rely on quality and give something useful instead of a joke. Today, not everyone has a well-stocked shoe box or sensible writing tools. Also, not everyone who appreciates the benefits of a 20-year-old whiskey enjoys a good sip at the party. So make him happy – and save yourself and him from the embarrassment of wandering around with gorilla slippers for an evening and pretend joy.

The best for the end

Sloppy packaging and loveless delivery can even turn crown jewelry into useless rubbish. Conversely, a princely robe and a festive frame turn a simple brass ashtray into pure gold. So leave enough time after

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