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Trusted by a huge number of worldwide clients, TickTick assists you with remaining coordinated and accomplishing more with your Gmail. Welcome to TickTick! This speedy beginning aide will assist you with learning a few fundamentals of laying out an assignment on the board framework in TickTick in only 3 stages. Prepared to carry on with a more coordinated and useful life? We should begin!


TickTick is a straightforward and powerful to-do and task list, which assists you with making everything done and witnessing terrifically significant minutes throughout everyday life. TickTick’s cross-stage applications empower you to oversee assignments on the entirety of your gadgets like iOS, Android, and Chrome. Furthermore, it permits you to reinforce and sync assignments on TickTick.com, where you can richly organize your time and timetable. Life can be so unique with TickTick within reach.

TickTick, an assignment the executive’s application that assists clients with remaining coordinated, is perceiving teachers and understudies with a 25% markdown on TickTick Premium. With TickTick for Education, qualified instructors and understudies get marked down yearly valuing and full admittance to TickTick’s across the board time usage arrangement

TickTick has a superb free form download:


Step by step instructions to utilize:

Stage 1: Move undertakings from your psyche to TickTick

Meet clients, finish new plan work, get kids at school, and do clothing. There are simply countless various errands in work and life that we need to manage consistently and those assignments can typically change with time. It is very handleable for our brain on the off chance that it’s only 2 or 3 errands, yet imagine a scenario in which there are 20 or 30. Our minds will lose center around what’s significant and fail to remember things occasionally. To that end you want a second-brainer application like TickTick to assist you with a free excursion of your psyche while as yet monitoring everything.

Begin from Inbox

Inbox in TickTick is fundamentally a spot to gather all your impromptu assignments and irregular contemplations. Tossing everything into the Inbox is the initial step to forgetting about everything.

Add Another Errand

Whenever you’ve chosen where to begin, now is the ideal time to add assignments:

  • Portable: tap the “+” button and begin composing in the assignment name or long-press the “+” button to utilize voice input.
  • Work area: type in the “speedy adding box” on the top or use console alternate ways (⇧⌘A) to add an assignment from any place.
  • Set due date and updates
  • To set a due date/time for your assignment, essentially tap the schedule symbol appearing underneath while adding an undertaking. You can likewise carefully describe the situation page whenever and add time/date to a current undertaking. Updates can likewise be set simultaneously. Regardless on the off chance that you wish to get informed on time, 1 day before the due date, or some other length, you can track down the choices or just redo one.

Set an Errand as Repetitive

You can set an undertaking as intermittent if necessary, tap time/date of the errand > Repeat > pick the recurrent cycle that suits you best. Assuming no fit is found, you can likewise alter how your errand will rehash. Select Custom > Repeat Type, and pick how the following repeat will show up, based on a decent time or the fulfillment of the last repeat.

Put forth boundaries to your errands

  • Because of significance and desperation, everything undertakings can be classified into four sorts: High need – significant and dire errands, Medium need – significant yet not pressing, Low need – earnest however not significant, and None – neither significant nor critical.
  • TickTick offers you these 4 need choices while adding an errand, with the goal that you can zero in on the main thing. The “!!!” symbol you find while adding an errand or on the assignment detail page is for Priority.


Stage 2: Organize undertakings with Lists, Sections, and Folders

Whenever you’ve completed the process of making undertakings, now is the right time to put together them and keep everything all together. You want various records to gather undertakings, segments to figure out errands in the rundowns, and envelopes to gather records.

Make another rundown

Access from the left sidebar, you’ll find “Add List” at the base. Type in the rundown name (could be an emoji!) and select a variety for your rundown. A rundown could be a gathering venture of yours, an example you’re taking, a principal obligation of your work, a side business, a house task list, or a rundown to impart to your cherished one, and so forth. After making various records, then is to move your errands from Inbox to where they have a place.

Add areas inside a rundown

Inside a rundown, you can additionally partition it down to a lower level by Sections. Go to the rundown > tap “…” > Manage Section. You can then put your undertakings under various segments through a straightforward drag n’ drop, to make your rundown look more pleasant and very much arranged.

Make another envelope to gather records

When many records have been made, you might have to put together your rundowns as well, and here comes the utilization of Folders. For instance, a few records are business-related, some are family-based, some are for relaxation and others are about the study. They can be gathered independently in various envelopes. That’s what to do, hold a rundown > drag it and drop it onto another rundown, this will take you to make another envelope.

Stage 3: Arrange errands with Smart Lists and Calendar

Presently, you must the last advance, which is likewise the main one – – organize errands. Two methods for beginning the plan are Smart Lists and Calendar.

Plan out from Smart Lists

There are 4 underlying Smart Lists in TickTick: All, Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days. Deciphering from their names, these four records consequently channel assignments from your rundowns and consistently stick on top of your left sidebar. This is to assist you with remaining mindful of both your ongoing undertakings and what’s coming straightaway.

Other than checking plans, you can likewise get assignments immediately organized from that point. For instance, assuming you go into Today, there’s a circle-formed circle called “Plan Your Day”(mobile as it were). Tap it and you’ll be taken to finish, erase or reschedule your Today’s and late undertakings individually rapidly.

Orchestrate assignments on the Calendar

Orchestrating errands should likewise be possible on the TickTick schedule. TickTick integrates an implicit schedule and upholds memberships from different schedules. This implies you can not just incorporate your tasks in TickTick Calendar, yet in addition occasions from different schedules too. Everything is in only one spot to save you investment with regards to arranging. We should perceive how it functions!

Go to Calendar > pick “…” on the upper right corner > select “Organize Tasks” > you’ll see all your updated undertakings arranged by List, Tag, or Priority. With a straightforward drag n’ drop, you can invest any errands into any effort/date boxes on your Calendar.

You’ll likewise track down the choice “Buy in Calendar” after unfurling “…”. This will permit you to buy into your nearby schedule, Google schedule, or some other instruments. Occasions from these puts will then, at that point, sync and show on your TickTick Calendar.


Put together everything throughout everyday life

Whether there is a business-related task or an individual objective, TickTick is here to assist you with dealing with all your tasks.

Get reminded whenever, anyplace

Set a suggestion to reassure you of agonizing over missing cutoff times from here on out.

Adaptable schedule sees

With five different schedules see, you can check and deal with your timetables more advantageously.

Working together with others

From the family end of the week plan to collaborate, share records, and dole out assignments in a hurry. Remain useful together!

Sync across various stages

30+ elements work consistently across 10+ stages. Finishing things has never been this simple.


Information Security

We utilize their underlying firewalls to safeguard your information against unapproved remote access and to help constant observing for possible weaknesses. Client information, including task subtleties, account data, and installment subtleties, is put away and scrambled very still.

Finish the board time usage arrangement at TickTick:

  • Multi-stage: consistent sync across portable, work area, tablet, watch, and programs.
  • Organizer: catch motivations and immediately add them as tasks with needs.
  • Update: get reminded to reassure you of stressing over cutoff times.
  • Schedule: timetable and monitor your plan in five adaptable perspectives.
  • Team up: share records with family, companions, and collaborators to remain useful together.
  • Center: worked in Pomo Timer and Stopwatch to assist with working on your effectiveness.
  • Propensity: Fostering enduring Habits with the registration framework and objective settings.
  • Markdown: take delightful notes with an assortment of text designs.
  • Efficiency: Track your efficiency patterns with useful details.

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