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 The e-cigarette is one of the biggest trends of recent years. For smokers, it has proven to be an effective tool for eliminating addiction. But should gentlemen appear with her?

Smoking is a thing of the past

How times change: a few decades ago, the cliché knew the gentleman as a shiny whiskey in a tuxedo with a glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The only thing left is whiskey. Especially the classic The tobacco cigarette is desperately out there and is currently being rejected by young people. Increasing rejection increases the pressure on long-term smokers to get rid of the evil of cigarettes. The e-cigarette has proven to be a welcome help in quitting smoking as well.

Its biggest advantage over other smoking cessation aids, such as nicotine patches, is that it mimics the typical smoking-related activities – preparing, pulling the mouthpiece and, finally, steaming. In addition, weaning can be done gently and gradually by gradually reducing the nicotine content of the fluids.

The advantages of the electronic cigarette over the tobacco cigarette

The most important argument in favor of the switch is of course health. Since no toxins such as nicotine and tar are consumed with the e-cigarette, it is much less stressful for the body than a tobacco cigarette. This has now been proven by many studies, including a 2020 Study from Dundee University, Scotland. In addition, it offers groomed men further advantages compared to the classic cigarette:

No smell of smoke on clothes, car, apartment, etc.

Not bad breath

No yellow teeth

No yellow nicotine fingers

Improved lung volume for greater endurance during sports

Improved skin and fewer wrinkles thanks to better blood circulation

These are all valuable arguments for a change. Many men simply enjoy the e-cigarette more because it technically allows gadgets and the enjoyment of different liquids with different flavors.

The e-cigarette as a lifestyle accessory for gentlemen?

Whether the e-cigarette looks more sophisticated than the popular water pipe is a matter of taste. But very few people find the steam released as a nuisance. However, gentlemen should always think of others in public. At a garden party or during the lunch break outdoors, the e-cigarette can be turned on and is often the subject of discussion. It should stay in your jacket pocket indoors and wherever crowded people are in a confined space, such as at bus stops and train docks. Because nothing is as elegant as appreciation for others.

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