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Set up, make due, and control your Google Nest, Google WiFi, Google Home, and Chromecast gadgets, in addition to a large number of viable associated home items like lights, cameras, and indoor regulators, and that’s just the beginning – all from the Google Home application.

Google Home

One perspective on your home.

The Home tab gives you easy routes for the things you do most, such as playing music or darkening the lights when you need to begin a film. Control everything with simply a tap or two – and get to the great stuff quicker. The Feed tab features significant occasions in your home in one spot. Here, you’ll likewise find ways of getting more out of your gadgets and work on your home arrangement.

Change your language.

Google administrations are accessible in all Google dialects. You can change the presentation language to your favored language whenever.

These directions are to change your favored language utilized in Google administrations on the web as it were. To change the favored language for your versatile applications, update the language settings on your gadget.

How to change language in Google App on the cell phone?

1. Open the Google Home application. In your application cabinet, tap the Google Home application symbol with the diverse diagram of a house. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have the Google Home application, download it and connect your Google Home gadget with the application.

  • On Android, you can download the Google Home application on the Play Store.


  • On iPhone, you can download the Google Home application from the App Store.


2. Tap It’s the three-lined symbol in the upper left corner. This opens the fundamental menu on the left half of the screen.

3. Tap Devices. On iPhone, it’s the main choice at the highest point of the menu, and on Android, it’s down in the second part of choices. This will open a page showing card of all the Google Home-associated gadgets on your home organization.

4. Tap ⋮  ⋯ on your Google Home gadget. Tap the three-dab symbol in the upper right corner of the card of your Google Home speaker. This will open a little drop-down menu.

5. Tap Settings. It’s the primary choice at the highest point of the drop-down menu.

6. Tap More. It’s the last choice in the “Google Assistant settings” part of the page, just underneath the “Voice Match” choice.

Look down and tap your Google Home speaker. Tap the name of your Google Home speaker in the “Gadgets” part of the settings page.

7. If you have more than one Google Home gadget, changing the Language for one will change it for the wide range of various gadgets associated with the record.

8. Tap Assistant Language. On Android, the enduring choice towards the lower part of the page is the second. On iPhone, it’s the third choice from the highest point of the page.

Select an alternate language. This is a split-second change in the language of Google Assistant’s voice on your Google Home gadget. The other language choices that are accessible for you to pick might contrast in light of your gadget and provincial area.

When you change the language of Google Home, the associate will just perceive orders communicated in that language.

On the off chance that you select an alternate rendition of English, your Google Home voice will talk with that district’s pronunciation. Google Home will perceive your orders better assuming you talk with that highlight.

After you change your language inclinations, close and return your program.

How does Google use your language settings?

Google utilizes your language settings to make Google benefits more helpful. At the point when you determine your language, you assist us with showing your substance and results in at least one of your favored dialects and give more applicable, customized content you may be keen on, similar to promotions.

Fix issues with changing language

To check your Google Account language, open your Google Account. You’ll find the language you chose.

The language change didn’t work: If your Google Account doesn’t match the language you chose, clear your program’s reserve and treats and set the language once more.

Tip: Deleting treats additionally eliminates your saved settings for different locales you’ve visited.

Your language isn’t recorded: We work to help more dialects for our items. On the off chance that you pick an essential language that isn’t accessible, we might request that you select a substitute language. Assuming a substitute language is required, in the Language segment of your Google Account, you can find your substitute language recorded underneath your essential language. You can choose to transform it.


I use a cell phone: Changes to your favored language are considered on the web. To change the favored language for versatile applications, update the language settings on your gadget.

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