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You can pick a Custom theme from your telephone’s picture library or select one of Gboard’s preset foundations to give your console another look.

Prior days cell phones had inflexible working frameworks with next to zero customization highlights. Indeed, even today, Apple’s iOS has restricted choices to redo the default console design. Luckily, Android gives an assortment of ways of tweaking the on-screen console of cell phones. If you are exhausted with the default console format, this is the way to alter the Gboard and utilize custom console design in Android telephones.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard is one of the well-known console applications to help various themes to have novel look and feel of your console design. During the establishment, Gboard set the default white foundation as the theme any way you can set 18 essential tones as your console foundation including dark, red, purple, green, and pink to give some examples. Notwithstanding essential varieties, there are likewise 12 downloadable scenes for setting your theme with nature.


Not at all like different consoles, Gboard permits you to change its theme, meaning you can set an image or variety conspire as the console’s experience. This could assist you with perusing it better or is only a great method for being expressive at whatever point you type. One way or the other, it’s not difficult to set up, whether you have an iPhone or an Android.

The most effective method to make custom themes in Gboard

Aside from the inbuilt essential tones and scenes, Gboard let you make your custom theme like photographs or pictures as a console foundation. You can likewise empower or incapacitate borders around each key for any theme whether inbuilt or exceptionally made. Topics in Gboard can be made, changed, altered, and erased rapidly with straightforward taps. On the off chance that you are a first-time Gboard client, our bit-by-bit guide and video exhibition can assist you with playing with the topics.

  1. Open Gboard Settings
  2. Tab Theme in the settings menu
  3. Tap the plus symbol to make your custom theme. On tap, the framework will open a collection where you can explore and pick a picture for the custom theme.
  4. Tap on the picture thumbnail.
  5. The image manager naturally opens up okay with choosing the inclusion region to move or zoom the picture.
  6. Tapping the Next button would open the splendor change page.
  7. Tap Done fasten after controlling brilliance.
  1. Tap Keyborders to show or conceal the lines around keys
  2. Look at the definite see of your custom topic.
  3. Tap the Edit symbol to return to stage 5 for additional progressions to picture altering
  4. Tap the Trash symbol to leave theme creation without saving the progressions
  5. Tap Apply button to affirm custom theme creation.

The system will get back to the Theme menu consequently and will show your exceptionally made theme as the dynamic theme with the Tick Mark symbol.

Open any application like WhatsApp or Gmail to confirm the theme change has been effectively finished.

How to erase themes in Gboard?

Gboard stores every one of them as of late utilized topics under the My themes heading on the Theme page. You can erase any of the topics and they will vanish from here. While inbuilt topics like Colors and Landscapes can not be eliminated from Gboard, Custom made themes get erased forever.

  1. Open Gboard Settings
  2. Tap Theme in the settings menu
  3. Tap the theme you need to erase
  4. Tap the Trash symbol from the next screen,
  5. Tap “Alright” in the spring up message “Would you say you are certain need to erase the theme?”
  6. The theme gets erased and vanishes from the My themes heading in the Theme menu. Anyway, they are accessible under Colors and Landscapes heading for reuse.
  7. If you tap a uniquely made theme, you will get the choice to alter the topic as well as to erase it. On the off chance that you erase it, it will be destroyed and eliminated from topics forever.
  8. Switch Language When Typing
  9. Since you have added a custom console design to the Android telephone, now is the ideal time to test how it functions.
  10. Open any informing application to type a message and tap on the composing region to bring the console.
  11. Long press the spacebar to see the rundown of accessible consoles and designs.
  12. Select the format you need, and the console design will change.
  13. Appreciate composing with your number one console design.
  14. You can flip the format at whatever point you need to switch the language.


There are valid justifications why clients search for involving custom console designs on Android telephones.

  • A few clients like to change their appearance like tone to try not to exhaust look.
  • Others might need to change the total design with extra emoticons and images on their console.
  • At times, clients need to introduce a custom console of their second language for composing messages.

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