Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Did you have at least some idea that once you award admittance to your telephone’s camera/receiver/GPS area to any outsider App, they can utilize it quietly behind the scenes?

Furthermore, do you have a jealous outlook on the new iOS 14’s security including – showing a pointer at whatever point the camera or mouthpiece is gotten to? Or on the other hand, you can hardly sit tight for Android 12’s execution of a similar component?

Access Dots App

Access Dots, adds similar iOS 14 style pointers (not many pixels light up as a spot) to the upper right (default) corner of your screen at whatever point any outsider App utilizes your telephone’s camera/mouthpiece/GPS area. Access Dots will be apparent even on your lock screen!


This is an inconceivably valuable application with an exquisite point of interaction and activity that couldn’t be simpler. We should simply download the APK record, begin the application and award the authorizations it demands.

Also, that is all there is to it. Each time an application from our terminal gets to our receiver or camera behind the scenes, a little hued circle will show up. Assuming this symbol shows up, we just need to contact it to see the application that is mishandling our trust and block it naturally. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is an incredible method for trying not to spy and being sneaked around on without consent.

How to utilize the Access Dots application?

Open the application and turn on the Access Dots switch. This activity will consequently take you to the Android availability settings. Presently, empower Access Dots to run as an openness administration. You will presently see shaded specks at the highest point of your screen at whatever point the camera or the mic is being used.

Access Dots, a work in progress, that far has the accompanying highlights:

  • Show Access Dots at whatever point the telephone’s camera/mouthpiece/GPS area is locked in by an outsider App.
  • Keep an Access Log, which can be gotten from the App’s fundamental settings screen. The Access Log shows when the camera/receiver/GPS area was gotten to, which App was in the forefront at the hour of access commencement and how long the entrance lasted.
  • Relegate any tone to both of the Access Dots.
  • On Android 10+, Access Dots naturally sticks adjacent to your camera pattern (assuming that your gadget has.) You can design the area of Access Dots with the eventual result of indicating X/Y organizes.
  • On the off chance that your gadget upholds ‘Energy Ring – Universal Edition!’ App, you can wrap Access Dots around the poke hole camera also.
  • The size of Access Dots can be changed.
  • Control the utilization of the camera and receiver by other applications;
  • The passageway can be seen even on the lock screen;
  • Green demonstrates admittance to the camera, and orange shows admittance to the mouthpiece;
  • Moderate connection point;
  • Basic capacity settings;
  • The actual program works without mentioning admittance to the camera and mouthpiece;
  • Capacity to change the size of a point and its area on the screen.

While it’s allowed to change the Access Dots’ tone to anything you desire, think about making a gift to help the turn of events and approach not many additional designs like evolving the ‘size’ of the speck or its area on the screen.


Access Dot permits you to find on the off chance that an application is utilizing your telephone’s camera and mouthpiece without you knowing it, similarly as with iOS14 yet with an assortment of styles. Access Dot likewise permits you to incorporate absolved applications, which will show those applications that you don’t need notices. It is not difficult to deal with these applications with only one tap.

While other applications exist however they just proposition one choice, and that is like iOS14. Notwithstanding, as Android’s allure lies in its choices and customization, Access Dot drives the way with its various choices and elements than the other applications attempting to copy the way of behaving of iOS14. Furthermore, we don’t gather any private data and we won’t ever do as such.

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