Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Whatsapp stickers are the best way to amaze or laugh at your buddies. You must have seen it yourself on WhatsApp there are many different kinds of stickers but other than that you may have seen such stickers that are not available on your Whatsapp so you may be thinking too that how and where they came from so there are many ways you can get these stickers on your Whatsapp. By using a third-party app or you can also directly add from different websites that are providing stickers. But I am gonna give you an application link with the help of this application you can add different and such funny and amazing stickers to your WhatsApp. So click below the download button and do install this application.


Add new stickers on your Whatsapp

Sticker.ly is the best application where you could find funny stickers. Stickers are trending on social media and the great thing is that about this application. it is very easy to use after installing this application they will ask you to signup so you can signup with your Facebook and also with your Google account. Once you log in to this application you will see different types of stickers. Like Youtube memes stickers Trending and telegram stickers. So the stickers you want to add on your Whatsapp so just tap on that sticker and you will see add to whatsapp option simply click on it and the stickers will be added to your whatsapp. Now after clicking on add to Whatsapp option go to your Whatsapp and open your chat head go to sticker section and there you would find it. So you can send to anyone from there.


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