Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

If you have already shot a video and you want to convert it to a slow-motion video. So how you can do this. It is easy we have much software through which you can convert your video to slow motion but what if I tell you about such an application that is easy to use and you can easily make your slow-motion videos on your mobile in a few minutes. How to install this application so you will see the download button below just click on it and download that application.


How to convert video into slow Motion

After downloading the application when you open it so you will three different interfaces Video photo and collage. We want to edit our video so click on the video option you can also edit your picture too through this application but we have an only concern with video so we will click on the video option. After clicking on the video option they will show you four different options so just click on the new project then upload the video from the gallery that you want to edit. Once you upload your video. After uploading your video you will see many options below your video so click on the speed option and tap on the small button and move towards the left and then check your video result once you completed your editing you will see save option above your video so click on it and then your video will be saved.


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