Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Whenever you are editing a picture or you want to make a thumbnail for something. What if your picture background does not look well or you want to set a better background with your picture. If you are having the same problem you can not edit your pictures well because of the worst background in your picture so the solution is very simple just remove the background from your picture and then you can easily add different backgrounds to your image but whenever you are removing background from the image you picture must be in good quality otherwise your background will not be removed properly so there are a lot of methods to remove background from your picture but they easy one just click on the red download button and download this application.


How to remove background from picture

  1. Open your app once you installed it.
  2. You will see load a photo option on the main page
  3. So upload that image from which you want to remove background
  4. Select the magic option and remove all the background areas except your image
  5. And then click on the done option
  6. Check your image whether the background is removed properly or not
  7. If not then make changes to your image and click on the save option in the corner
  8. After that your image will be saved in your gallery
  9. and then you can easily set any background with your image


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