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 Many men are unhappy with their beards, they want stronger beard growth. But is it possible to stimulate beard growth and make the beard thicker this way? The blog gentleman shows what options men have to get as dense and complete beards as possible.

The effect of the beard on men and women

The beard can have an extreme effect on a man’s appearance – and therefore on other people. Studies show that people who wear beards are subconsciously considered to be more dominant than other men. And there is also an effect for many women: Pogonophil means that the attraction and attractiveness of bearded men in the female sex is positively affected by facial hair.

That could be one of the reasons why so many men have beards. The fact that you do not need to shave in the morning leaves more time for other things is another positive point for the beard.

Beard growth is (in part) hereditary

Genes have a great influence on the strength and density of the beard, but are not solely responsible for the weak growth of the beard. Another crucial aspect is the hormonal status.

The sex hormone testosterone and the DHT intermediate are very important for beard growth. From the age of 40, testosterone levels fall by an average of 0.4 percent per year. However, a testosterone deficiency is rather rare before the age of 60 and even after it occurs in less than five percent of men.

Healthy lifestyle

If you live healthier, it will have a beneficial effect not only on the growth of your beard, but also on other areas of your life. There are many starting points for this. You can (or may not) do this:

1 Improve your eating habits

The monotonous, small variety of diet, which consists largely of unhealthy convenience products and fast food, will not only affect your overall health in the long run. Your beard will also not be able to grow in the same way as a healthy, balanced diet. Lack of the necessary nutrients may mean that your beard hair follicles do not have the proper base to grow freely.

In addition to food, water balance is also important for stimulating beard growth. Tea or water, ie drinks without sugar or sweeteners, are the best.

Exercise and reduce excess weight

In addition to the nutrients you provide to your body or beard, physical activity is also important to stimulate proper hair growth, because exercise and sports affect the hormonal balance. Weight training in particular has a significant impact here.

If your body fat is too high, it also affects your estrogen (female sex hormones). Too much can have a negative effect on beard growth.

3 Avoid tobacco and alcohol

If you smoke or consume alcohol regularly, it is good to reduce these vices and ideally to stop them completely. Nicotine and alcohol eliminate the growth substances that are important for stimulating beard growth. The same is true here: What is a barrier to your overall health can also be a barrier to your beard.

4 Reduce your stress level

Whether at work, in a relationship or in all other personal matters – in our fast-paced times, stress can hardly be avoided. But a steady level of stress ensures an increase in cortisol. This triggers a lack of energy in the hair follicles and neutralizes your goal of stimulating the growth of your beard.

Try to find your own personal way to keep stress low. Positive thoughts, a relaxing hobby, well-being and a life-affirming attitude could be one such path. Walking, bathing or meditating can also work wonders.

5 Sleep a lot

Your sleep is very important and can be a good fighter against stress. Enough sleep, a good mattress and a dark, cool bedroom can help. In addition, it can have a positive effect on your sleep if you drive your cell phone out of the bedroom and prefer to use an old-fashioned alarm clock. Your beard will please you too.

Buy a beard repair product

For thicker facial hair, there are various beard growth products available at specialty online stores as well as at some drugstores and drugstores. These are either application creams or oral supplements. The latter can be especially helpful if your diet is not optimal.

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