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Hi, friends as all of you know that many people in Pakistan use WhatsApp for example the greatest source of messaging is WhatsApp then everything is all good if all of you know that there is enough on WhatsApp There are more pitchers, and simultaneously when everybody is using it, there will be some educated and some uneducated in it. To stay away from this, many people have made applications one of which is Today you will actually want to change the English message to Urdu however I will let you know how to change it.

Have become an application yet people don’t have enough idea how to utilize these applications. The main reason for writing this article today is to tell you how you can send English messages in Urdu and in all languages. How can I change if you don’t have the knowledge how to read the WhatsApp app read it in Urdu don’t know how to read Urdu do it in Hindi don’t have the knowledge how to read Hindi do it in English describe you can read any language in any language You can change the language.


How to Translate WhatsApp Chat from English to Urdu?

If you have to use this application, you can use it. If you can read this article fully, you will be able to know how to use this application and how to download it. So, what are its great features, what are its detriments, meaning you will know all about it?

Why do we use the chat translate app?

There are some reasons behind this:

Friends, assuming that you are conversing with an educated person who is messaging in English, don’t worry, you can use this application to translate your Urdu message into English and send it to him and his English. You can read the message by translating it into Urdu. If you text someone and they can’t understand the message in English and you don’t have the idea how to write Urdu, then type the message.

WhatsApp does not have this component that you can change English messages to Urdu and Urdu messages to English yet additionally to all languages in any language however this will be finished with the help of an application which is the side of the application today. However, I will let you know that it is going to be very beneficial to translate into English.

The benefit of the chat translate app?

Friends, when I request you to use the chat translation application, obviously, your question will be what is the advantage of using this app, then using this application will be an extraordinary advantage to you that You can also change the English word into Urdu and the Urdu word into English, but you can change the word of any language into any language, it will make you an expert in each language and everybody Will have the option to talk.


How to use the chat translate app?

You will track down a wide range of applications on the Google Play Store. You will also find this application, however, did you have at least some idea that you can use it quite well if you have to use it? You should simply download this application and afterward you will actually want to use it with the goal that you can read and write any word in any language. The design of this application is altogether different. Like a telescope can change any word.

I will let you know where to download this application from here on out yet before you open it you need to open it to use it before downloading it. After doing this, you have listened cautiously here that you will get more of your choices. In this choice, you need to choose Urdu on the left side choice and English on the right side choice. Which will translate your Urdu text into English. Assuming you switch it, your English message will be converted into Urdu. Similarly, you can benefit by putting it on the left side and the right side. After selecting the languages you will see a major button that you need to press and afterward permit consent.

You on your mobile screen will convey any word that you have translated. It will be great to see and it will be extremely helpful if your friend will be shocked to see it and it will be advantageous too.

How to download chat translate?

Incidentally, there are many ways to download this application, however the strategy ought to let you know the one that you find very easy, so after a lot of research, we have come up with the best way to find the best way. Enjoyed it a ton and it will be a lot more straightforward for you. To download this app, you will see a download button in this article, which you will tap on. You can also use it. I have explained the complete method of using it very effectively in the above section. If you have not understood it, then go and read that passage. You will also know how to use standby. We truly want to believe that you partake in the article. In this article, we have made an honest effort to tell you how you can transfer your chat.


Method of downloading this application l told you how to use it and furthermore the reason behind it. Explain the advantages of using it. You can read this article completely. The advantage will be that you will be able to translate your WhatsApp chat.

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