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 On July 3, the oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world started again at Wimbledon in London. The game is played on the grass, often in front of a royal audience and, of course, in white sportswear. Although this dress code only exists at Wimbledon today, fashion is still heavily influenced by the “white sport” – and also by former players like René Lacoste or Björn Borg, who built fashion empires after their athletic careers. . At the beginning of Wimbledon, OUTFITTERY fashion experts took a closer look at how tennis and big players affect the fashion world.

The white sport

Until the second half of the 20th century, tennis was the sport of the nobles and the rich and was played only in white clothes, as sweat was less visible on the light-colored cloth. Tennis, however, is thought to have originated about 700 years ago, when games of chance were already very popular in England and France. Then it was played in balls. Since these were mostly dark dyed, there was more contrast with the environment with light colored clothes.

Only 90 percent

The “mostly white” rule has been in place at Wimbledon since 1963, requiring players to wear 90% white clothing. Incidentally, this forced seven-time Wimbledon winner Roger Federer to change his shoes in 2013, as the tournament specialist was attacked by the orange tennis player’s orange soles.

Tennis in everyday life

Tennis clothes also inspire fashion away from the main court: in summer, casual outfits can be combined in light colors such as white, beige or pastel yellow. A white linen shirt with chinos in beige not only looks elegant, but is also comfortable in the heat. If you like more comfortable, you can choose a polo shirt. It has its roots – as its name suggests – in the sport of polo, but it really only came into vogue when tennis player René Lacoste wore it and finally brought it to the production line under the name “Lacoste”. To date, it is made of lightweight breathable pique fabric and elastic. And when it gets a little colder, tennis players are no longer the only ones wearing a polo shirt over a polo shirt. The tight waist belt provides excellent protection from currents and cold, making it both modern and practical.

From retro tennis shoe to fashion icon

Many who wear the “Stan Smith” sneaker today have never seen the eponymous play. Stanley Roger Smith, or Stan Smith for short, was a successful American tennis player in the 1970s. In 1971, Adidas named a tennis shoe, which was the first model of leather sneaker that provided great support. Stan Smith wore these white shoes for his shocking Wimbledon victory in 1972. After that, the model was only popular with tennis players for a long time. In 2013, the sneaker will celebrate a comeback – and what! The dream tennis shoe in white is sold millions of times at the box office and has since become very popular among young and old as a sports addition to casual leisure clothing.

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