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 Save the broccoli! This is our motto when we look at the vegetable shelf. Because, first of all, one can not really talk about diversity in the broccoli box. In this article you will learn why this happens, how we can save our broccoli and what Rasmus has to do with organic farming.

The variety of broccoli reaches its limits.

We all appreciate the varied selection on the fruit and vegetable counter. All the different types, colors and flavors ensure variety in our dishes. But when it comes to broccoli, something goes wrong with the variety. Have you ever noticed that all broccoli always looks the same? They have almost the same size, almost the same weight and relatively the same taste.

The cultivation of broccoli is dominated by hybrid varieties

This is because the cultivation of hybrids is dominated by cabbage varieties – which includes broccoli. In other words, one broccoli is the same as another broccoli. Hybrid varieties aim for uniform appearance and rapid growth. However, they can not – as nature wanted – be recreated. You can tell the exact difference between breeding and hybrid seeds in this blog post read.

In 2015, only 31 of the 193 varieties of broccoli were approved in the EU.

In addition, climate change also presents crops with completely new challenges. We therefore need reproducible varieties from ecological breeding that are resistant and adaptable to environmental changes. Organic farming is required here, because a variety of ecological (broccoli) varieties are urgently needed! On the initiative “Nuclear power? Yes please!” Denns BioMarkt works with many partners to enhance organic farming.

We put an end to monotony

Because now Rasmos is coming! “Rasmus” is a variety of organically grown broccoli, resistant to seeds and has great success for the organic industry. But there was a long way to go to get Rasmus.

The non-profit association Kultursaat eV has been involved in organic farming and research in reproducible vegetables for over 25 years. Agricultural engineer and breeding researcher Christina Henatsch started breeding broccoli almost 20 years ago. From 2011 to 2019, various funded projects with cooperating partners were able to significantly promote the breeding project.

All the work was worth it! Bingenheimer Saatgut sales partner has been propagating Rasmus seeds since 2017. This is available for cultivation from 2018.

In fact, 5,000 young plants were planted by Rasmus in July this year.

Organic Farming: What defines Rasmus

So finally a fresh breeze blows in the broccoli patch. Rasmos stands out from the crowd both with his external appearance and his internal values. Did you know that broccoli is made up of a huge bunch of flowers?

The flower buds contain essential oils that give Rasmus a delicate, pungent mustard aroma. The strain is also very mild and is ideal as raw food in between!

Broccoli is a large cluster of flowers.

The difference in Rasmus is obvious at first glance. Some heads are bigger, others are smaller. Some more stable, others more relaxed. Some lighter, the rest more gray. But do not worry, Rasmus still looks like an ordinary broccoli – a little different!

In addition to appearance and taste, Rasmus is very easy to digest. For Christina Henatsch it is very important that her vegetable breeding is an empowerment for us humans, both physically and mentally.

Of course, Rasmus ecological farming is also expressed in cultivation. Here, diversity means that plants grow at different speeds, which means that more care is required. Sometimes multiple harvesting passes are required. So far, many are new area and very exciting for growers.

Enter and save the broccoli

For the first time this season, two farms have grown the new Rasmus broccoli variety for Denns organic vegetable stalls. Rasmus will be available in selected Denns organic markets from October 7. Want to try Rasmus? Then ask the store staff and try the very tasty broccoli!

In addition, from now on you can say “rounding” in the fund and thus promote ecological breeding projects. 100% of the money raised goes to ‘nuclear power? Yes please!” Initiative.

Personally, I’ve been a brokkaholic for a long time! Whether raw, steamed or baked – I like broccoli more than anything and it is also extremely local and healthy! So let’s go to broccoli!

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