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 My daughter must have been about four years old when I first spoke to her consciously about eating meat. After explaining where our sausages and chicken nuggets came from, she sat in front of me looking thoughtfully. So I asked her if she felt sad that the animals had to die for our food. “Yes,” she replied, shaking her head, “because then we will not be able to see them at the zoo.” -blood sociopath. Parents know this. Today I think their imagination was not enough for the meaning of slaughter.

Generation climate protection

In the meantime, however, things look very different. My daughter is nine today and clearly belongs to the multi-layered “YouTube generation”, which one can really assume a lot, but certainly not that she is unenlightened. Because many of the so-called influencers are well aware of their social responsibility and also know how to use their moral influence, as has been easy to see in recent weeks. What I mean by this: My daughter is very familiar with environmental protection, animal husbandry and the need to reconsider her consumer behavior. That’s why lately he approaches me more often, with a corresponding need for discussion. One day he thinks he no longer eats meat, the next he wants to negotiate. The other days it drives me crazy running behind me and turning off all the lights (I still need!) Behind me to reduce power consumption. Of course, I would like to support you in this development.

Is the kitchen impossible? Vegetable barbecue with children

“But how;” I wonder aloud as I stand in front of denn’s shelves and look a little puzzled at alternative meat-free grills for my family. We want to try them – we discussed it. Meat that is not – can it be good?

Because even though my partner and my two children, ages 7 and 9, are definitely willing to experiment, they still have nice palates that are not easily fooled. While standing in front of the refrigerator shelf, I already know that the campaign has its dangers: The seven-year-old only wants french fries with a large portion of french fries. He will probably play with the food until it looks inedible, only to tell me in tears later in bed that he is hungry. The nine-year-old always thinks “It tastes different” if I change a recipe slightly. And by “different” it means “For politeness I stare at my plate for twenty minutes and then I will announce that I am full, because I will certainly not let you poison me”.

“Cheeseburger” and “Nürnberger” are vegetarian

But a deal is a deal, so I let the offer inspire me. And very quickly find two classics that you can easily imitate without meat: Nuremberg sausages and cheeseburgers with bacon.

Kids like both in the original. I got the idea because, on the one hand, I’m happy to note that there is a really vegan bacon. And we like bacon! I call it “Nürnberger” simply because I find vegan and vegetarian sausages on the fridge that look exactly like crispy specialties and are probably similarly seasoned: “Franconian style” says denitan seitan sausage on its packaging. I will also get some from Wheaty and vegetarian from Hermann. I have often heard from them that they are very popular with meat eaters. I read that the main ingredient is king oyster mushrooms. Unfortunately, I have to keep it from my husband, the mushroom hater, for now. In order not to jeopardize the study.

I’m very excited because here at us people are very vain with meat and sausage specialties. “Drei im Weckla” are sold on every corner in Franken Nuremberg. There you get three well-seasoned grilled sausages (often with sauerkraut) tightened in the bun. Vegan fast food of Middle Franconia. Pack:

offer cheese

vegan bacon

Various sausages and burgers made of seitan

vegetarian sausages based on mushrooms

Sour cabbage from the area

fruity burger sauce

Rocket, tomatoes and onions

Breads and buns with sesame

I also discover carbon neutral in CO2 made from 100% coconut material. The manufacturer advertises with great brilliance and the fact that no tree died for the product. The experiment can begin!

Vegetable grill as a family event

When I get home, everyone is in a good mood and helping me prepare. Vegetarian barbecue as a family event. My heart goes out when everyone is interested in a common project. The little ones chop vegetables, the man takes care of the fun and I prepare the sauerkraut in the kitchen. As a salary substitute, let’s say. I eagerly open the vegan bacon for this. It has to go to true xi

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