Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

As we know Facebook is a platform where different people interact from different parts of the world. People are creating new accounts and keeping different names on Facebook. So have you seen people whose account has a single name? A single name is looking amazing on a Facebook profile but unfortunately, it’s just available in Indonesia. Facebook only allows a single name in Indonesia not any other country but you can still keep the single name on your Facebook profile for that you must use (VPN) because without using Indonesian proxy you can not make your name single on Facebook so I have given the link below. Click on this download button and install this VPN.


How to Make one name on Facebook

After installing the application open it and first connect the proxy of Indonesia once the VPN connects you will see a key above on your mobile screen. This key shows that weather your VPN is connected or not. After connecting your VPN go to your Facebook account setting then tap on personal and account information after that you will see the name option so click on it. Now there are two sections where your first and last name has been written already so remove your last name from the box or if you want to keep another name on your Facebook account so write only that name in the first box then below you will see save changes option so click on it and then your account name will be successfully changed. But remember the name change option must be available on your Facebook account.


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