Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

X Icon Changer is a very helpful application that you can use to switch around your applications’ symbols with extraordinary plans. To give your cell phone a new and completely modified look, this is the application for you. With it, you can trade out one symbol for another, including those you plan yourself.

The benefit of utilizing this application is that you can choose any picture from your exhibition as a symbol for a given application. Put a photograph of your pet as the symbol for your number one game or make an exceptional picture to assist you with finding a certain application in a moment. With X Icon Changer, you can allow your creative mind to roam free.

Other than custom symbols, you can likewise utilize this application to change the application’s name to anything you desire. X Icon Changer even incorporates a symbol trade choice where you can involve one application’s symbol as one more’s with just a tap.

Step by step instructions to USE

  1. Enter X Icon Changer.
  2. Pick an application.
  3. Select another symbol from the underlying symbol packs or your exhibition.
  4. Alter another name for the application.
  5. Go to the home screen to see the new alternate way symbol.

There are bunches of chosen customized symbol packs in X Icon Changer. The application and those symbol packs are allowed to get.

Simply download X Icon Changer now to adorn your home screen.


Each time you download a new application, X Icon Changer will tell you in the event that you need to quickly change its symbol. At last, you can pick the fitting yield for anything picture you select to get the ideal look. From that point onward, the symbol will show up in many spots, albeit the genuine one will in any case be displayed in your cell phone’s finished rundown of applications.

X Icon Changer is a thoroughly free and valuable application that can assist you with changing and modifying symbols and names for any application.

The new symbols can be looked over exhibition and loads of customized symbol packs. Our application will make an easy route to the new symbol on your home screen. This is the least demanding method for designing your iPhone.


Other than involving ordinary symbols for applications, clients can vitalize pictures to make GIF symbols. It is a novel and less generally utilized system, and simultaneously, it permits clients to make the most noteworthy and most amusing symbols for every application. The component of making enlivened symbols is likewise basic, and it will completely uphold clients with many high-level devices and better capacities than planning a marvelous symbol.


X Icon Changer assists clients with making symbols for every application, and it likewise permits clients to utilize symbol packs from the library. They’re all free, and there’s no restriction to how often you can utilize them, yet they come in different styles and plans, making an assortment for clients to choose from for each application. Besides, they can post their symbol packs in the local area to share their most interesting work and plans.


If clients have any desire to make a symbol for their number one applications, a couple of straightforward instruments will make it more productive and dexterous. Clients can import any photograph they need and keep altering it, for example, resizing variety, and something else for a symbol. Most configuration symbols are little yet effectively adaptable, permitting clients to have more plans to plan more symbol packs.



X Icon Changer is viable for changing symbols for applications, however, it can change symbols of everything in the framework. That incorporates its underlying gadgets, either expanding the client’s insight or changing things to suit them. A few instruments permit clients to customize things, in any event, changing the appearance plan of the application or device to make another magnificence. The adaptability and comfort of X Icon Changer in changing symbols are predominant and novel and accompany numerous alluring capacities for clients to plan or tweak things in numerous exceptional and amazing styles.

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