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 If you do not want a suit without a ponytail, you have the opportunity to choose between clothes made to your measurements and to order: is not this one and the same? One may think, but it is not! The blog gentleman shows similarities and differences between the two variants. We also provide information on quality features, prices and production.

Alternative to bar products

Men crime scene clothes: rows of dark blue, dark gray and black suits seem to extend to infinity. It takes time and nerves to find the right suit. And then you will have to compromise, because for the most part the beautiful dark blue suit with double breasts in which you had your attention is unfortunately not available in your size at the moment. Yes, then you just buy anthracite, finally, you need a suit now … If you know the problem and you are tired of it, we will show you possible solutions.

Custom suit – the measure of all things

The history of custom tailoring dates back to the early Middle Ages. At that time everything was still produced at home and by hand. Only kings and princes could afford to make their own robes in their tailors’ workshops. Whoever wore something from the tailor was rich and showed it. Pure luxury is still associated with the sewing trade, because a sewn suit is really expensive.

The high cost of time and materials make a sewn suit so expensive. Making a tailored suit takes so much time that no one would think of choosing cheap fabrics here. The fabrics are usually bought from the best weaving mills in England and Italy.

The time required is also easy to explain:

 On the one hand, the customer must be measured. This is usually a long consultation during which the tailor must feel the taste and style of the client in order to then make him the right suit. The cut, the suit fabric, the details – it all has to come together at the end to create a cohesive image that emphasizes the man’s personality. When the measurements are made, the tailor’s work begins. Based on the customer’s data and the tailor’s many years of experience, a pattern is developed that is first drawn on paper and then on test material. Once the individual parts have been cut to size, they are joined by hand to form a preliminary suit. The lawsuit is ready.

This is made of simple materials only. It is used by the tailor to check if his measurements were correct and to communicate with the customer so that he can make any change requests. If the customer and the tailor are satisfied, the real suit is made only from the noble fabric based on the first suit. When this is done, it comes in the second attempt. To do this, the customer must return again. The suit is checked and the tailor accepts any customer requests. The treatment will then be reviewed. The process can be repeated one or the other time until it reaches the final application, the so-called handover.

The whole production process takes up to six months. You need to plan ahead before you buy. During this period, a unique product is developed, the quality of which is revealed only at a second glance, because an old saying goes: “If someone praises your new suit, the tailor did something wrong to you.” Because the only duty of the sewn suit should be to emphasize the personality of the user with its polite simplicity.Then the passion for beautiful clothes, all the money and the huge patience paid off.When you finally hold the suit in your hands, you are richer than a polite outfit and poorer by two to three thousand euros.

Custom clothes – the first alternative to custom tailoring

But what to do if you have neither a lot of money nor patience, but the same passion for beautiful, high quality clothes with an expensive fit? Are you looking for a manufacturer to your liking!

Clothes made to your measurements fill the big gap between the special sewing and the bar products. It is an alternative for men who neither want to put a fortune on the table nor want (or can) wait six months for their suit, but still do not want to do without a high quality suit and help with the design.

The difference between custom clothes and custom tailoring is the approach. The custom tailor, like the custom clothing maker, misses his customers. The difference in measurement status, however, is that the customer is measured by the manufacturer to order using a standard sized system. In this way, it bypasses, say, the production step

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