Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

MU ORIGIN 3 is a pretending game created by FingerFun Limited. BlueStacks application player is the best PC stage (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for a vivid gaming experience!

Play MU ORIGIN 3 on PC and partake in this procedure tower safeguard game from the enormous and stunning showcase on your PC! You are foreordained to save the planet MU from demolition. As the rescuer, utilize your perfect hardware and glorious wings for your potential benefit!

In the MU ORIGIN 3 PC game, you are a champion embarked to save the MU domain by battling the dull powers. The series’ well-known characters are addressed by three essential characters: Black Knight, Warlock Wizard, and Fairy. Each character has its exceptional arrangement of capacities.

Download MU ORIGIN 3 on your PC to assume a serious part in playing the game! Join the battle against the shrewd crowd and battle for everlasting ecstasy.


Partake in a pretending game where you can pretend any of the notable characters. The Black Knight has incredible endurance and ability to safeguard and guard his vanguard partners. The Warlocks wizards have exceptional sorcery that is utilized for assaults, and the pixies use bows and crossbows to help their partners and assault their foes. It depends on you to go with a personal decision!

Set off on a daring mission loaded up with chance and deterrents. Take off through the sky on powerful wings, plunge to the sea’s most profound profundities, and charge through fields on terrifying ponies. Hit your rivals with your deadly capacities and partake in the excitement of a quick-moving fight! Is it true that you are prepared to jump into the gutsy universe of MU? Stand by no more extended!



Construct a realm. Gather assets. Accomplish more. With Multi-Instance, playing MU ORIGIN 3 is significantly exciting. Open various examples and play a similar game from various records.


Computerize redundant undertakings in MU ORIGIN 3 with BlueStacks Script. Compose a bunch of orders to execute a progression of activities that you need to robotize. Tie it to one key and you are finished.

Constant Translation

With BlueStacks, playing MU ORIGIN 3 in your nearby language is conceivable. Only CTRL+Shift+L to utilize the Real-Time Translation highlight and immediately decipher your preferred game in a language.


High FPS

Get the strategic advantage in MU ORIGIN 3 by empowering the most noteworthy FPS. Experience crisper designs and smoother movements.

1) Excellent sets commonly all have solid ability impacts, for the three sorts: weapon sets, frill sets, and protection sets.

2) Armor sets fundamentally can be gotten in the War Zone supervisor attack, weapon set and adornment sets in War Zone attacks and prison fights

Armor superb sets include:

Mending: When taking harm there’s a risk to recuperate some Max HP

Safeguard: When taking harm there’s a risk to getting a safeguard that ingests harm

Reflect: When taking harm there’s a risk to reflect the harm

Determination: When taking harm there’s a risk to acquire an unfaltering impact

Rapid: When taking harm there’s a risk to lessen expertise disc

②Accessory astounding sets include:

Crazy: Cause extra DMG to focus under Bleed, Poisoned, and Fire

Puncture: Cause extra DMG to focus under Bleed, Poisoned, and Fire

Crush: Cause extra DMG to focus under Stunned, Freeze

③Weapon fantastic sets include:

Sharp: When going after foes, there is an opportunity to decrease DEF

Ease: When going after foes, there is an opportunity to lessen speed


Brilliance: When going after foes, there is an opportunity to paralyze

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