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 One of my personal issues is natural and vegan hair care with an emphasis on as few substances as possible, homemade hair products and products that are far removed from conventional hair care. Today I would like to describe how generous my hair care is and give you tips on how you can treat your hair and scalp for more well-being.

Although all steps are coordinated with each other, they can also be used individually or in combination with other products.

If you have used conventional shampoos and hair care products in the past and you still do not feel at home with natural cosmetics, your hair may need some time to transform.


Hair oil treatments are very popular and are definitely a great way to rejuvenate both your hair and scalp. However, the oil is usually difficult to rinse again in large quantities. Especially if there are no strong surfactants in the shampoo.

A very nutritious, but not too greasy alternative is coconut milk. I always have canned coconut milk at home, as I often cook in Asia. When the time comes again, I cut a small part of it and use it for hair care. Maybe it’s something for you too?

If you have long hair, you can use about 4 tablespoons of coconut milk. For a little caffeine on the scalp, a teaspoon of dregs is a good addition. Hair care mixes quickly and can be kneaded directly into the hair. Leave them on your hair for about an hour or less before rinsing again. Coffee grounds may take a little longer to rinse. If there is brown residue left on your hair, you can comb it with your brush as soon as your hair is dry. Alternatively, you can naturally mix the coconut milk with the strong coffee or leave the coffee out completely.

Coconut milk makes hair very soft and fluffy and leaves a natural shine. Depending on the condition of your hair, your hair could get greasy faster. If this applies to you, you can easily customize the recipe. For example, mix coconut milk with aloe vera gel or adjust the proportion of brewed coffee. On the other hand, if your hair is very tolerant of fats and oils, you can add your favorite hair oil to coconut milk and leave the mixture on your hair for more than an hour to give them a really rich nourishment.

Hair washing

My hair has not seen any shampoo for almost 9 years. Neither conventional nor from the natural cosmetics industry. At that time I had a severely irritated scalp from many hair dyes and I noticed that I could no longer tolerate the usual surfactants so well. I have been looking around for alternative hair washing methods and have really tried hard all these years. From lava to chestnuts, soap with olive oil and baking soda, everything was there. Apart from lava earth (washing earth / rhassoul), rye flour is my favorite for washing hair.

Rye flour is not only rich in nutrients for the scalp and hair. Rye flour is a local product and therefore saves long transportation routes to half of the world. It is vegan and environmentally friendly. It is also cheap and does not cause unnecessary plastic waste. The ecological balance of organic rye flour is many times better than that of conventional shampoos.

Making rye flour “shampoo”

 is easy. To do this, mix about 2 to 4 tablespoons of sifted rye flour with lukewarm water, depending on the length of your hair, until it acquires a shampoo-like texture that can be easily applied to the hair. If you let the rye flour shampoo stand for an hour, it will become even more creamy and any lumps of flour will dissolve better.

You can use rye flour shampoo like a regular shampoo. However, not only your scalp and hairline benefit from rye flour, so you can add it to your hair lengths. The flour needs a little more to rinse off your hair, but you do not have to worry about pieces of dough that can no longer be removed. Unlike wheat or rye flour, for example, rye flour contains much less gluten (wheat gluten).

hair conditioner

An acidic hair conditioner is not necessary after washing with rye flour, as the pH value of 5.5 corresponds to that of the skin, but a herbal conditioner is not wrong for a pleasant aroma and some extra care. Ε

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