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Have any photographs or recordings you don’t maintain that somebody should see? Conceal these confidential pics and videos safely with Clock Photo Vault. Clock Photo/Video Vault guards your photographs and recordings by requiring a secret word to see them. We Understood your security so we planned another vault subject for you now nobody comes to realize this is a vault application since it is requesting a secret key in some new way.

Vault clock: Photo Video Lock

Clock Vault is an extremely valuable application to safeguard or conceal your private photographs and recordings from others. Nobody will know that the application is a vault application so that will be in addition to the point as well.

Clock Vault(Secret Photo Video Locker) is the best security insurance application to be careful and effectively conceal your private photographs and recordings that you don’t maintain that others should see on your gadget. Clock Vault: Photo Video Lock gives you a better approach to setting a lock on your application. It’s not possible for anyone to know your loads of privileged insights behind the clock.


Clock Vault is the most ideal way to conceal your confidential Photos, Edited pictures, selfies, refreshed photographs, and private or secure recordings behind the clock subject with conceal photograph and conceal video application.

This is a Must-Have App for safeguarding your protection as concealing every one of the media records utilizing a secret phrase! You can undoubtedly deal with the envelopes or collections of exhibition and view, move, and commodity pictures.

How to Use Time Lock or Clock Vault application?

  • Send off our Vault Clock and press the center button of a clock.
  • Set the ideal time secret key by moving an hour and moment hands and pressing the center button of a clock.
  • Presently rehash the secret key to affirm.

Photograph Management

  • Make Secret Photo Albums solidly in the App
  • Import/Export from the ordinary exhibition
  • Email/share Photos via virtual entertainment.
  • Instant message Photos
  • Custom Album Covers be careful with the items in your confidential collection

Video Support

  • Import/Export recordings from the typical exhibition
  • Watch Videos

Photograph Viewing

  • Confidential Image Gallery
  • Completely working picture display with zooming, turn, and panning
  • Photograph Slide by finger swiping.

More Privacy Features

  • Keeps photographs completely safe, away from intrusive eyes
  • Makes a video vault that offers security for your confidential recordings

Safeguard Your “Extraordinary” Photos + Videos

  • Secret key Protected App Entry
  • Secret key Protected Photo Albums
  • Keep individuals out of your hidden collections
  • Fake Password

Once in a while, a meddlesome individual will implore you to see what photographs you have in Private Photo Vault. In this present circumstance, you can give them your distraction secret word that opens up a unique arrangement of photographs. This will then cause them to lose their interest in what is in the application while your confidential pics are still in there in your typical vault account.



  • Conceal Pictures: Easily stow away photographs from your display to the mystery vault with the exhibition clock vault. Presently it has a photograph crop and turns highlights in Picture watcher inside the clock application.
  • Conceal Videos: You can conceal video in many organizations’ films. You can likewise play video utilizing another video player application on your telephone without opening the document.
  • Collection Cover: You can set your ideal collection cover inside your vault stowed away collections. Likewise, you can set collection cover by picture view screen choices.
  • Solid Applock Protector: Lock Apps like Messenger, Gallery, Browser, Contacts, Email, or some other applications you look over this photograph vault application lock.
  • Launcher Icon Change: Make your mystery Clock Icon significantly more confidential with different symbols like Whether, Music, Calculator, and so forth.
  • Break-in Alert: Automatic Capture an image and sends to you the selfie photograph of anybody who attempts to squeak the security and open applications behind you. You can likewise see and conceal photos of the eavesdropper from inside exhibition clock vault collections.
  • Distraction Vault: Hide the records in the imitation vault when you input counterfeit secret words to safeguard the genuine exhibition photograph lock. It is a substitute vault with another secret word when you want.
  • Confidential Browser: Private internet browser to download and Lock photographs, conceal recordings and music sounds from the Internet, and leaves no tracks in your framework.
  • Video Player: Super Inbuilt Video player to watch recordings inside the video Vault. Upholds video storage with many configurations.
  • Subjects for Applock: Choose different sorts of app lock subjects to decorate your lock screen, Select your display picture to set behind the application lock screen.

How to set up the secret lock?

Stage 1: Launch our exhibition clock vault application and the clock hands will be moved at 00:00 situation for arrangement.

Stage 2: Move the hour or moment clock hand to set an ideal time secret key and press the center button of the clock.

Stage 3: Now rehash a similar secret phrase and press the middle button of the clock to affirm. The vault will be open!

How to open the application?

Stage 1: Press the Center button of the clock. Hands will be moved to the 00:00 positions.


Stage 2: Now you can move the clock hour and moment hands physically to your secret phrase position and press the Center button again to approve! That is all there is to it! Presently you can stow away photographs, recordings, and other mystery documents.

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