Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

Lockwatch is a sharp little application that subtly snaps a picture utilizing the front camera when somebody attempts to open your telephone with some unacceptable code.

The image of the gatecrasher is then messaged to you alongside their GPS area without them knowing.

The application has proactively demonstrated to get many criminals all over the planet and has recuperated many lost phones effectively.


Lockwatch snaps a picture of any individual who attempts to open your telephone with some unacceptable code. It messages you the photograph alongside your telephone’s ongoing GPS area.


  • Takes a quiet photograph of the interloper utilizing the front camera when some unacceptable open code is placed.
  • Computes the telephone’s area utilizing GPS and WiFi so you can find it.
  • Promptly messages you the photograph and GPS area, before the telephone is turned off. • No requirement for an outsider lock screen. We utilize the lock screen incorporated into Android.
  • The application is tiny and possibly runs when some unacceptable open code is placed.
  • Connect a few photographs to the email to expand the possibility of getting the criminal on camera.
  • Join a brief snippet to the email so you can hear what’s happening around your telephone.
  • At the point when anybody embeds another SIM card into your telephone, you’ll receive an email notification.
  • At the point when the criminal turns your telephone on, you’ll receive an email notice (for example at the point when they are home).

Lockwatch has recuperated many lost and taken phones and has shown up in various TV and online reports.


Note: You should enter no less than four digits or specks for each open endeavor to be counted. Assuming the right code is placed in the span of 10 seconds, Lockwatch won’t send the email to limit deceptions.

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