Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Minma Icon Pack will acquaint clients with new symbol configuration, variety, and appearance changes for the connection point or content on the gadget. It likewise utilizes numerous imaginative plans to plan appealing symbol packs, like Google, social, applications, games, and so on, to grow client investigation. Furthermore, it will incorporate a unique instrument to assist clients with planning a primary symbol, however, the outcomes are promising.

Interesting icon pack designs

Every symbol’s natural substance, plan, and feel in this pack epitomizes straightforwardness, refinement, and greatness when it utilizes just bright strokes to frame the application’s image. Luckily, all symbols are very much classified to assist clients with putting in new symbols for everything successfully.


New appearance for the system

Framework-related capacities will currently have new marvels, making client connections completely enhanced or rearranged for additional investigation. Likewise, the components inside each capacity have numerous amazing changes to upgrade the magnificence of the symbols.

Renowned designs for the apps

Most well-known applications available will have their symbols in this pack, including Microsoft, and Google and the sky is the limit from there. They all ooze natural magnificence and recognizable tones even though the plan has been changed while working on the excellence of everything.

Novel alternative options

The pack will present more varieties or extra choices for moving symbols to fundamentally grow client investigation. Clients can likewise modify the accessible symbols to use for applications and envelopes, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Improved on backgrounds

Notwithstanding the symbols for most well-known applications, the load accompanies invigorating dull foundations. They make symbols stick out and are not difficult to set up with only the primary use.

Self-design personal icons

Clients can plan symbols with imaginative thoughts yet can be picked by private or minma’s style. They can utilize photographs from the library to plan symbols and apply them generally to each happiness.

Minma icon pack will consistently refresh with new satisfaction to enhance clients’ decisions or give them more appealing thoughts. Most importantly, the customization or plan of the included symbols is the feature that the application offers to everybody.


  • More than 1150+ handcrafted icons
  • New improved dashboard
  • Goal is 200x200px
  • Added icon request tool
  • Inbuilt license checker
  • 180+ alternative icons
  • Stroked style icons with drop shadow
  • Adjusted dark background
  • Application masking for unthemed icons
  • Best with black or dark wallpapers



  • To utilize alternative icons simply hold the application symbol then pick alter, then, at that point, select minma symbols then, at that point, select the ideal symbol.
  • Utilize these icons with a dark or black backdrop or subjects for better looks.
  • Look at the FAQ section on the app for superior comprehension.
  • To request an app symbol, join my wire community.

Apk permissions

  • Access data about wi-fi organizations
  • Access data about networks
  • Open organization attachments
  • Set the backdrop
  • Set a caution for the client
  • Keep in touch with outside capacity
  • Peruse or compose the framework settings

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