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 Images such as Fred Astaire and John Wayne once made him famous. In Italy, Japan and the USA it is already worn with a suit as a matter of course. Nevertheless, Tassel Loafer is still a secret advice in Germany. The gentleman blog presents the famous slipper and shows in which combination it is convincing in the office as well.

Modern summer shoe with tradition

According to etiquette, a gentleman does not do without a classic shoe with laces even in summer. For less formal events, however, it does not always have to be the popular Oxford or Derby. On the contrary: While moccasins and sneakers usually look out of place in the office, the loafer tassel offers a modern, elegant and at the same time more airy alternative to traditional laces.

As with its moccasin ancestor, the Tassel Loafer is also a comfortable slip-on shoe. Unlike the famous “Indian shoe”, the loafer tassel has two “tassels” at foot height. Equipped with a separate outer and inner sole as well as a stable heel, the slipper becomes an extremely comfortable summer shoe.

From leisure favorites to trendy business shoes

From the middle of the 20th century, the loafer tassel is an integral part of the classic men’s fashion. At the beginning of its success story, the slip-on shoe was very popular, especially in the field of leisure – in fact, “loafer” means something like “inert” or “loiter”, which, however, was not directly related with the former purely occasional use. By the way, the trigger for today’s popular loafer design was none other than Oscar-winning Paul Lucas.

The Hungarian-American actor was one of the fans of comfortable slippers, but he struggled with the lack of support for the models of the time. For this reason, Lucas made a single version of the loafers. The innovation: a thin leather strap passed around the entrance with a drawstring and closed by the two characteristic tassels. Lucas’ private tassel loafers quickly caught the attention of other shoe lovers and soon went into production. Icons (styles) such as Fred Astaire, Elvis Presley and John Wayne appeared frequently and frequently in airy, lightweight slippers and contributed to their international discovery. Today, their use is no longer limited to the weekend.

Tassels loafers and for the office

In the US and Italy, the loafer tassel is already considered a full-fledged professional shoe and embodies the American lifestyle like almost no other men’s shoe. Although the slipper – especially in the black smooth leather version – also cuts a great figure in a black or gray suit on less formal occasions, in our part of the world it is gradually losing its image as a pure casual shoe. In the fashionable suede version, the light slipper impresses with the typical college look with polo and chinos, but can also be elegantly combined with jeans, tweed or lace in matching colors. Tip: The loafer tassel generally works without any socks. But even small socks acquire a barefoot appearance and prevent unpleasant odors.

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