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 The cufflinks are the classic among the accessories for the gentlemen. Like the wristwatch, the pair of cufflinks is simply one of the staples of men’s jewelry. From their first appearance, there has been virtually no time to go out of style. The cufflinks complete the men’s outfit and are a must for any gentleman. Jewelry expert Christiane Scharrer-Sieb from The Collar Case presents their top 4.

Two that belong together are the shirt and the cufflinks. 

The latter is unthinkable without the jersey and its history. Noble accessories have played a role in shaping the style of men’s clothing since the Baroque era. It was successfully established by the end of the 19th century at the latest. Colors, materials and shapes have changed over and over again – but the classic has never gone out of style.

To date, cufflinks have been used extensively:

 They close the cuffs of the shirt. But it was also always an expression of their own style, a striking fashion accessory made in different shapes and with a wide variety of decorations. In addition to the reduced designs, there are striking flowers in style, such as soccer motifs, fox terriers or other playful motifs. Ephemeral that men wear as a gag, not as an expression of their own style.

But what are the classic patterns, which are always elegant and appropriate and which do not go out of fashion? We gathered our four favorites:

Favorite 1: The knot – made of silk or precious metal

In its simplest form, this model is a two-tone silk knot attached to an elastic center bar. However, it is much more valuable if it is made of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. The knots can be round, angular, loose two or even three times and also colorful. They are by no means just accessories for sailors or boats. The knot symbolizes continuity, connection and union. The allegory of the knot is varied, its appearance in men’s jewelry is classic and stylish at the same time.

Favorite 2: Swapping cufflinks with pendants

The toggle pattern is another constant in the collection of classic cufflinks. In its design, it brings the function of the small buttons clearly to the point. A bridge and two movable ends, the toggles. You do not need more to keep your cuff in good shape. The toggles can take different shapes. Cylinders, cubes and cubes, for example, are popular. The reduced form draws attention to the material and its processing. Knobs made of precious metals or cut from exquisite precious stones are especially beautiful.

Favorite 3: platinum, mother of pearl and onyx – in Art Deco style

The period or Art Deco style cufflinks are timelessly elegant and are ideal for completing the tuxedo. But they also add beautiful touches to shirts. At best platinum with mother-of-pearl or onyx inserts, Art Deco’s stark black and white contrast is prevalent here, especially from the 1910s to the 1930s. Despite its diminished style, Gatsby’s appearance is so striking that it is difficult to imagine that this design will never go out of style.

Favorite 4: Colored stones – discreetly special accents

At the end of our list of favorites are the cufflinks with their striking colored stones. The shape of the button depends on the shape and cut of the gemstone, which is accentuated by a harmonious backdrop of gold, silver or platinum. These cufflinks add color accent to the outfit without pressing on the foreground. They so discreetly emphasize the gentleman’s outfit and give him a special touch.

One last tip: rely on the latest color trends

Every year, Pantone sets the colors of the season. This year is Ultra Violet. A color that men can definitely wear – discreet, of course. For example, as a velvet vest or scarf – velvet is a material that is completely modern – or processed into cufflinks.

Do you have any of your favorites? With these four classic variations you always cut a good silhouette. And that makes an elegant outfit even more tasteful.

By the way, even the gentleman can wear cufflinks without a suit. Anyone who feels more comfortable at the bar in a shirt and jeans than in a suit can upgrade their outfit with cufflinks. A wow factor that will be unforgettable!

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