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 The store is besieged hours before it opens. Some customers even camp in front of the door the night before. When a big brand launches a new fashion collection, the excitement is often great and the fashion world queues up to get one of the coveted items first. However, it often takes years of planning and organizing before a collection is available in stores or on the web. But what exactly is hidden behind the creation of a new fashion collection? Maxwell Scott Bags gives us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look.

In the beginning there is the plan

Designing a new collection looks like an eternity before the actual release begins. This is not surprising considering that the summer trends for next year will already be presented in the winter of last year at the Fashion Weeks of the fashion capitals. Therefore, the big brands have been working on new designs for years. It looks different when the fashion brand has a small range of products and specializes, for example, only in bags and accessories. Then a shorter programming time of “only” 12 months is often enough.

The designer’s designs mark the beginning of a new collection. In big fashion houses there are often several permanent creative minds that create new designs. Smaller companies often get help in the form of freelance designers working for multiple brands at once. Once the design is approved on paper – which can take weeks as it continually improves – it’s time to choose the fabric or material.

New colors and shapes

Fashion faux pas should of course be avoided when launching a new collection. Therefore, huge quantities of fabric or leather samples are carefully examined and the first test cuts are made with the short list based on design samples. Leather, for example, looks completely different when a full bag is made from it than when you hold a small sample in your hands. In this step, very practical factors are often taken into account, such as whether the fabric or leather should be water repellent.

Once the right material is found, many product prototypes are created. Especially with smaller fashion companies that do not present their new collections on the catwalk, there is no need for much secrecy here. Instead, new products are placed at their own pace inside. Sometimes a bag looks very chic, but it is very difficult to close. These subtle nuances must be carefully eliminated so that the launch of the new collection does not fail. Even small changes in design mean that the factory needs new designs and possibly even new materials. In addition to the huge workload, there is also a large cost of time. This phase especially often takes several weeks until the final product is actually manufactured.

Internet programming

Today, most products are purchased both offline and in-store. This should be taken into account before launching a new collection, because bags should not only be presented in the store, but also on the brand’s website. In addition to product texts, natural and appropriate photographs are used in the field of fashion. The photos for this are taken about 2 months before the actual release of the collections, so that there is enough time for the digital processing of the image afterwards. During the filming, not only the material for the website is produced, but also the material for the brochures or social networking channels. Depending on the effort and the budget, a photo shoot can then take several days to take the relevant photos.

From design to product improvement to visual design, a total of more than 12 months workflow in conceiving and implementing a new collection before the customer can finally buy it in the store or online.

With this knowledge in mind, it becomes clear what challenges today’s fast-paced society faces the creative minds and decision makers of big and small fashion houses and leaves the question in the room: Is this what we want? Or do we want a lot more fashion that has been produced in the best possible way and gives us pleasure for a long time, instead of being a thing of the past next season?

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