Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

WhatsApp is the most well-known informing application. With this prevalence, it additionally gets numerous dangers. Cybercrimes should handily be possible through Whatsapp. With Whatsapp spy applications like WaStat – WhatsApp tracker, guardians can screen their youngster’s web-based exercises. This lets them free from the concerns about their kid’s well-being from any sort of dangers.

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker permits guardians to keep a mind WhatsApp call history and individuals their kid is communicating with.

Best online application use tracker for you. Online Tracker for WhatsApp is the most simple however strong application gadget utilization the board application use. You can screen all of your introduced application use subtleties by utilizing Application Usage Monitor.


View Chat History

Track your kid’s discussion from a distance and without them knowing with WhatsApp online action tracker, WaStat – WhatsApp tracker. The WhatsApp spy application gets to all visit discussions and permits guardians to peruse the messages and screen the idea of the discussion their youngster is engaged with.

Media Tracking

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker gives the accommodation of sharing media while talking. The WhatsApp spy application gets to all talks, call logs, and photographs which makes it simpler for guardians to investigate the youngster’s WhatsApp exercises.

Track WhatsApp Without Rooted Device

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker assists guardians with checking their children’s call history, WhatsApp talk follows, and shared media with practically no established gadget. Guardians can helpfully get to all the data on the dashboard given by WaStat – WhatsApp tracker.

WaStat – WhatsApp tracker can:

  • Show online last seen time
  • Show all time spans in a helpful clock view
  • Help you gather and dissect online details throughout the previous 30 days
  • Screen up to 10 profiles
  • Send you notices when an individual is on the web
  • Give you support in the briefest period



  • Get told when anybody of your companions gets online on Whatsapp!
  • They haven’t answered your messages? Get told when they’re on the web!
  • Did they log in at 3 am? Could it be said that they are up yet? Get advised and remain in the loop!

Online History

  • How long do they spend visiting Whatsapp?
  • Look at a complete course of events to follow keep going seen on Whatsapp and see precisely when they were online at some random time.

Visit Probability

To foresee the likelihood of two of your contacts visiting one another pick any two numbers from your contacts list. WaStat – WhatsApp tracker will contrast them by telling you precisely what their visit action thinks about, assuming that they have been online at similar times, and significantly more.

Bits of knowledge

Need to understand what time they hit the sack the previous evening? When they got up the following morning? How long do they spend visiting during the day and how often are they associated during the day? Our profile tracker for Whatsapp can do everything!


The internet-based tracker shows your everyday WhatsApp Use and your last Online time for WhatsApp. It likewise tells you how long you utilize your application. With your authorization, we will illuminate the upsides and downsides of the profile.

It isn’t vital that you are impeded or not by the number that you added. Likewise, the number you add has no data about whether you are following his/her status.

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