Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Might it be said that you are Looking for the best approaching message and Caller host for Android? You tracked down it!

At the point when you are driving or accomplishing something significant, you can’t simply acknowledge any approaching call or instant messages, that is the reason a Caller declaration arrangement, it’s fundamental. It’s so irritating to get calls from a phone salesperson or spam calls while you are accomplishing something significant and can’t be occupied.

How would you figure out who called you when an approaching call comes in? How do you have at least some idea whose call to acknowledge and whose instant message you want to peruse and answer promptly when you are on hands-free mode?

The answer to your problem is



Caller Name Announcer Pro, is the top Caller name broadcaster for approaching messages and requires your Android phone. Presently upholds WhatsApp. Simply turn on the setting and hear WhatsApp messages without holding back.

Welcome to Caller Name Announcer Pro, the top Android application that reports the Caller’s name the moment you get an approaching call or instant message. This is a strong Caller ID number Android application, that figures out who called you right away, even before you take out your telephone and see the screen to check the contact number or the message.


  • Hear the name of the person calling you
  • Peruse approaching SMS messages
  • Peruse messages from WhatsApp
  • Our application distinguishes Caller and instant message shipper and declares it boisterously, overhauling as a Caller check yet in addition Caller name speaker ready framework.
  • Figure out who called you or send you instant messages promptly even before you investigate your telephone with our brilliant Caller ID show framework.
  • Distinguish obscure numbers and Callers’ IDs who are not on your Contact list with our Caller ID work.
  • Our approaching message host and SMS commentator it’s the easiest to use for Android clients
  • Turn ON or OFF our Caller broadcaster work as you like. Alter it 100 percent
  • Inherent Caller ID capacity to recognize obscure Callers and instant message shippers.
  • Options to save and get back to Missed Call numbers, Received Call numbers and Declined call numbers.


  • peruse just admittance to telephone state
  • peruse the client’s contacts information
  • open organization attachments
  • access data about networks
  • see active call numbers/divert the call to an alternate number/cut short the call out and out
  • associate with matched Bluetooth gadgets
  • access data about Wi-Fi organizations


  • peruse the client’s call log
  • get SMS messages
  • keep processor from dozing or screen from darkening
  • start a call without going through the Dialer UI for the client to affirm the call
  • compose the client’s contacts information
  • access notice strategy
  • alter worldwide sound settings
  • gather battery measurements
  • keep in touch with outside capacity
  • peruse from outer capacity

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