Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Hi Friends, today we will tell about the Best Dating application whose name is Touch Screen Locker for Video Players.

Companions, today we will inform you of an extremely astonishing application. Assuming you download this application on your telephone, with the assistance of this application you can lock the home screen of your telephone.

Touch Screen Locker

Touch Screen Locker is the best Android application with the assistance of this application you make your telephone an exceptionally astounding way. The touch Screen Locker application is likewise exceptionally valuable for Android clients. you can download this application exceptionally simple way. If you have any desire to download this application for nothing, then you can download this application on your telephone by tapping on the download button underneath.


Companions, to introduce another Touch Screen Locker application on your telephone then this post of today should be the undivided focus. Companions this is a very imaging Touch screen storage. Assuming that you download this application on your telephone, With the assistance of this application, you can make your telephone very imaging.

Highlights of the application.

  • Locks all touch while you watch recordings in any video player.
  • Pay attention to music with Screen Off and save battery while playing your #1 playlist. Screen Off is impaired naturally, so empower it from Touch Lock settings.
  • Child Lock – run some tomfoolery child video or baby application to your child and lock the telephone with the undetectable touch lock.
  • Naturally shows a drifting lock symbol over the video player, so you can without much of a stretch lock Touch input.
  • Open with Fingerprint or Pattern.
  • Keep screen on while Touch Lock is empowered
  • Shake telephone to lock Touch and open (premium component)
  • Stow away open button totally (premium element)

How to Download Touch Screen Locker for Video App?

To download this App, on your telephone free of charge. To connect this application is given beneath. You can download this application on your telephone effectively by tapping on the download button. After downloading, you can utilize this application without any problem.



Protected and stable calls forestalling unplanned detaches.

QR Code’s most grounded right-hand instrument: whether you’re loading onto a plane or taking the tram, it requires simply one moment to filter your electronic ticket.

Decent assistance for cooking: The application keeps the screen on so you can peruse the recipe

Take an incredible submerged video: The application keeps obstruction from water Touching the screen

No interference to your route: you can open a guide and put it in your pocket

You will not need to stress over your screen falling asleep naturally while you’re replicating messages or showing content on your telephone

A sublime contraption screen cooler for portable games: not any more unplanned halting or leaving because of the Touching of screens and fastens

Separated security of physical or virtual keys: whether you’re glancing through your photo collection or playing a game, you can hold simple control

Partake in a one-gave film: you can stroll about while watching your #1 TV series without being hindered

It requires one second to change into a planning phase: a decent instrument to assist you with fostering your drawing abilities

Transform your MV into a pocket music player whenever

Lock the screen and utilize your cell phone as a marquee or fluorescent stick in a music show

Doing the drawings is great

Drive with a locked screen and make your driving more secure

In the downpour I should rest assured at whatever point I peer down the right screen is being shown and my ride is being logged

Touch Lock will debilitate the screen Touch and conceal buttons, while any video player is running. At the point when you or your kid watch recordings, it locks the touchscreen and impairs Touch for navigational buttons, so you stay locked inside the video web-based feature.

Kid lock for recordings – block screen Touch and lock keys while your little child can now securely observe any video player without interference.

Listen to free music with the screen off – cover the screen and it will truly switch off, so you can place your telephone in your pocket and pay attention to a music playlist without interferences and furthermore save the battery from screen use.

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