Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Most people come with a question about how we can unfriend our all Facebook friends in one click. I do not know why people do this but maybe the friends that they have added to their Facebook account are unknown or maybe any other reason. Some people want to make their Facebook account professional that is why they want to make their Friend list clear. So there are many technique with the help of that you can remove all your friends from your Facebook account. Mostly people tell You to deactivated your account for that but that is a very long process and if you follow that process still you will not be able to unfriends all your friends in one click so I will show the easiest method through which you can easily unfriend your all friends at once so for this you need an application Monokitatookit. I have give the application link below click on this download option and download this application.


There are few steps after downloading this application. When you open the app for first time they will ask you for login so do login your Facebook account from which your want to your friends. Once you log in your Facebook account in the app you will see four different options below so click on the third option tool. After clicking on the tool option you would see (clean your friend list) option tap on it and it the last click remove all friends option once you click on that option you can unfriend your friends one by one from there but if you want to remove all your friends at once so click on select all option and tap on delete friend option then scanning will start wait for two or three minutes and then go to your Facebook account your friend will be cleared.


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