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Remote Mouse transforms your cell phone or cell phone into an easy-to-use remote controller, console, and touchpad for your PC. Remote Mouse is accessible for iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android, and Windows telephones with a sidekick PC server programming for Mac and PC. Introduce both applications and you’ll rapidly be controlling your PC utilizing your cell phone.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is a program that, when introduced related to its sister Android or iOS application, permits you to transform your cell phone into a remote console or mouse for your PC.

To utilize the application appropriately you should initially synchronize your handset with your PC utilizing WiFi. Once finished, you can begin utilizing your Android or iOS terminal like a mouse or console.

You can interface the two terminals either utilizing a QR code or through the IP. Regardless, the interaction just requires a couple of minutes.

Remote Mouse is an extremely fascinating device for clients who need to control their PC from a distance whenever, by simply utilizing their telephone or tablet.


  • Stage 1. Download the Remote Mouse application


  • Stage 2. Introduce the Remote Mouse server on your PC
  • Stage 3. Interface your cell phone and PC to a similar Wi-Fi.
  • Stage 4. With your cell phone examine the QR code from the far-off server

Watching a web-based film? Giving a show? Or on the other hand, closing down a PC with a single tick? Nothing can be more helpful than a cell phone distant that is right readily available.


  • Completely reproduced remote mouse
  • Gyro mouse that empowers moving mouse cursor with gyro sensor
  • Left-gave mode


  • Coordinated with the framework and outsider consoles uphold composing in different dialects
  • Remotely composing by voice assuming the delicate console upholds voice acknowledgment
  • Upholds for sending different alternate ways (Pro adaptation)
  • Shows various keypads for Mac or PC (Pro rendition)


  • Copies the Apple Magic Trackpad and upholds multi-contact motions

Specialty Control Panels

  • Media Remote (in-application buy): Supports iTunes, VLC, Windows Media Player, Keynote, PowerPoint and Windows Photo Viewer, and will uphold more
  • Web Remote (in-application buy): Supports Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Application Switcher: Immediately send off and switch between programs
  • Power Options: Supports remotely closure, rest, restart, and logoff

Different Features

  • Utilize the actual volume buttons on the cell phone for the controller (in-application buy)
  • Set secret phrase for association
  • Adaptable backdrop

Association Method

  • Auto interface
  • Interface through IP address or QR code
  • Interface through history


Working Environment

  • Viable with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, Mac OSX 10.6+ and Linux
  • Works under Wi-Fi or 3G/4G organization

Power Options

  • Close down
  • restart
  • log off
  • make it lights-out time for PC in a single tick.

Application Remote

  • Immediately send off and switch between applications.
  • A helpful show work area button is likewise given.

Gyrator Mouse

  • Control the mouse cursor by shifting and moving your telephone in the air
  • a wonderful utilization of the spinner and accelerometer highlighted on the cell phone.

Adjustable UI

  • Rich settings permit you to alter the controller interface that best suits your inclinations.

Voice Typing

  • Incorporated with iOS and Android discourse acknowledgment.
  • Essentially type on a PC by tapping the voice button and addressing your telephone.

Volume Button Remote

  • Utilize the actual volume buttons on the cell phone to change PC volume or change show slides.

Accessible for All Your Devices

  • Upholds iOS
  • Android Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • You can partake in a steady client experience on any of your gadgets.

Make life more straightforward

  • The portable application includes an exquisite and basic connection point, that is not difficult to explore your strategy for getting around.


Heaps of circumstances in which having the option to control your PC with your cell phone would be valuable. You could have associated your PC with your TV and don’t have any desire to get up to work your PC. Or on the other hand maybe you’re giving a show and need to be allowed to move while evolving slides.


  1. Eliminates the need to buy a remote mouse
  2. Simple to introduce and work
  3. Separate down or log from your PC with a single tick
  4. No, defer between remote mouse and PC
  5. Includes left-hand mode
  6. Completely adjustable
  7. In-application buys increment usefulness


  1. Paid-for additional items
  2. Drawn-out use may be tiring for the hand
  3. Finds opportunity to become acclimated to

Remote Mouse is particularly useful for clients who find sitting in a seat for extensive stretches of the time awkward, offering the adaptability to establish a climate that works for you. Similarly, individuals who find grasping a mouse troublesome could track down utilizing a tablet or cell phone simpler, albeit delayed use may be tiring for the hand.

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