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This year it is meanwhile 10. “We are bored! – Demonstration” instead. The broad social alliance is committed to a shift to more ecological agriculture. Demands include a ban on pesticides, animal welfare and a waiver of genetic engineering. Denns BioMarkt and BioMarkt support the project this year as well.

Due to the current situation, most of the activities this year will take place online. The otherwise ordinary demonstration through the Berlin government district is offered on a very small scale.

Alternatively, the organizers have the Action Footprint brought to life. In recent weeks, consumers have been able to articulate their personal demands for a more sustainable agriculture and put them on paper along with their footprint. Requests will be displayed on screen in front of the Federal Chancellery on Saturday 16 January. In our gallery we show you some of the prints that have been created in Denns BioMarkt and BioMarkt in recent weeks.

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