Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Today’s article will discuss the “Who touched my phone?” android application. The application has north of 1 Million downloads and over 23K audits a large portion of them 5 stars surveys.

Who Touched My Phone (WTMP)

Who Touched My Phone? is an Android application intended to shield your cell phone from meddlesome eyes. Fundamentally, the application utilizes the cell phone’s camera to snap a photo of any individual who attempts to open your cell phone.

The way Who Touched My Phone? works are basic. To begin with, you’ll need to allow the application the consents it needs. The application likewise requires a rundown of the other applications you have introduced on your cell phone.


Each time somebody attempts to get to your cell phone, this application makes a report with data about the applications you have open. The cell phone’s camera is likewise used to snap a picture of the person being referred to. Like that, you can see the essence of any individual who attempts to get to your data, and you’ll try and be told when somebody attempts to enter your lock screen design a couple of times in succession.

Who Touched My Phone? is a basic application that does what it guarantees. With it, you can undoubtedly distinguish any individual who attempts to break into your cell phone. If you have any desire to guard your cell phone against outsiders, this application is an extraordinary method for doing as such.


  • covertness: after snapping a picture, the application quietly goes to the foundation.
  • application secret phrase insurance.
  • caught picture exhibition.
  • picture share work.

Step by step instructions to utilize:

  1. Send off application.
  2. Choose “Screen open observing” — that is the key choice.
  3. Limit the application.
  4. Press the power button – the phone will be locked.
  5. Press the power button once more and open the phone with a swipe or anything you have.
  6. After a brief pause, the photograph will be taken.
  7. Presently you can enter the application again to check for caught pictures.



  1. Open the application and snap the button. Then, close the application and lock your gadget;
  2. The user opened or attempted to make it happen. The application begins recording a report;
  3. The device screen goes out. The application saves the report. etc;
  4. The user attempts to open the gadget a few times. The application saves reports;
  5. Browse your reports in the application. Set up sync with the cloud.

Whenever you’ve introduced the application, your open it, go through the various authorizations exchange, and afterward, you start the application.

You can excuse the application as it’ll be running on the foundation, when your gadget nodded off and the screen is off, it then, at that point, begins recording when who at any point picked the phone and begin utilizing it, first by snapping a photo of the individual utilizing it and furthermore recording all the applications that individual went through.


The application permits you to find out, who took your phone without consent.

  • Being initiated, it will snap a picture of anyone, who opens your phone.
  • Find who was that — your companion, spouse, or inquisitive child? No one will be inconspicuous!
  • Pictures taken are not shown in the open Gallery.

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